Wendy Williams 'taken to hospital for psychiatric evaluation' after she was spotted looking frail


Daily Mail 16 September, 2021 - 09:11pm 45 views

Is Wendy Williams Show returning?

The nationally syndicated Wendy Williams Show is produced and distributed by Debmar-Mercury and has been renewed through the 2021-2022 season by the Fox Television Stations. DeadlineWendy Williams Tests Positive For Covid-19; Show’s Fall Return Delayed

Wendy Williams reveals she has tested positive for COVID despite being vaccinated

Daily Mail 17 September, 2021 - 03:00am

By Ronny Reyes For Dailymail.Com

Daytime TV host Wendy Williams revealed that she has tested positive for a breakthrough case of COVID-19 just days after she was spotted appearing sickly and wearing hospital socks outside her apartment in New York City

Williams, 57, said that she would be continuing health evaluations and in order to allow her time to quarantine and recover.

It means the Wendy Williams Show will be delaying the start of its 13th season until October 4, according to the show's official Instagram account

Williams was spotted looking unwell in NYC last Friday 

The star has since revealed that she has tested positive for COVID-19 

Williams had previously posted that she would be out of commission from the show until September 20 before learning that she had contracted COVID-19. 

The last time Wendy appeared on her show was on July 16. 

Exclusive DailyMail.com photos showed the TV host stepping out of a black SUV on Friday wearing a gold and cream robe and what looked to be hospital socks as she walked on the wet pavement.

Williams, 57, wore a black mask as she was led by hand from the car to her home by her manager Bernie Young. Her son Kevin Hunter Jr, 21, was also seen entering her building behind a wheelchair and later caught an Uber to leave the home.

Williams is among the small percentage of of vaccinated Americans who have gotten breakthrough cases of COVID-19. 

Wendy was last seen on her show on July 16, 2021. Her team said she will come back on October 14 to begin the show's 13th season

Americans who have received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine or one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have a less than one in 13,000 chance of a severe breakthrough case, according to a DailyMail.com analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

More than 99 percent of Covid hospitalizations and deaths in the U.S. since January 2021 have occurred in unvaccinated people.

Those patients who do require hospital care due to a breakthrough case are likely to be older or to suffer from underlying medical conditions, the CDC data suggest. 

Last year it was announced that she would be taking a break from her daytime talk show while she battled with health issues related to her Graves' disease diagnosis.

Graves' disease is an immune system disorder of the thyroid gland that causes anxiety, tremors, as well as puffy or bulging eyes.

Wendy first gave the public cause for concern in October 2017 when she collapsed on camera during a taping of her talk show.

She told her audience of her Graves' disease diagnosis in early 2018.

'My thyroid has been totally cattywampus. I feel like there are birds swimming around my head … Constantly high. But not high,' she said. 'My doctor has prescribed - are you ready? Three weeks of vacation. I was pissed. Encore performances, really?'

It's been a tumultuous few years for Wendy, who revealed she was diagnosed with Graves' disease and with lymphedema

Wendy also revealed she was diagnosed with lymphedema in 2019.

'It's not going to kill me, but I do have a machine -and how dare you talk about the swelling of it all,' she said on her show. 'I've got it under control, and if [the swelling in] my feet and lower things never go all the way down, at least I have this machine.'

In 2018 Wendy spoke to PEOPLE about the immune system disorder.

'I feel a hundred percent better than I was a few months ago. I had a storm going in my body is the best way I can explain it,' she said at the time.

'It came from me neglecting my six-month endocrinology appointment. I have Graves' disease and hyperthyroid. If you have one you don't necessarily have to have the other, but I have both, and I was diagnosed with both 19 years ago,' Wendy said.

More than 177 million Americans have been fully vaccinated as of September 9.

This number includes about 63 percent of all eligible Americans (over age 12), 65 percent of adults, and 82 percent of seniors.

The Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J vaccines have all proven incredibly effective at protecting against severe Covid disease - both in clinical trials and in the real world.

As a result, the vast majority of Covid patients filling up emergency rooms and intensive care units across the country are unvaccinated.

Among those with severe breakthrough cases, 10,471 had been hospitalized - though about 2,400 of those hospitalizations were asymptomatic or not Covid-related.

Similarly, 2,437 Americans have died after contracting a breakthrough infection - but about 500 of those deaths were asymptomatic or not directly caused by COVID-19.

In total, about 1.7 million Americans have been hospitalized with the virus since January 1, 2021 and 281,000 have died, according to federal data.

That means, for both hospitalizations and deaths, more than 99 percent of those impacted by COVID-19 in 2021 have been unvaccinated.

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Wendy Williams announces breakthrough case of the coronavirus, delays show's season premiere

Fox News 17 September, 2021 - 03:00am

The Debmar-Mercury-produced show announced Williams’ diagnosis on its official Instagram account Wednesday afternoon.

“While continuing her health evaluations, Wendy has tested positive for a breakthrough case of COVID-19,” according to the show’s statement. “To allow Wendy time to quarantine and fully recover and to ensure that our production fully abides by SAG/AFTRA and DGA Covid protocols, we expect to begin the 13th season of The Wendy Williams Show on Monday, October 4th. In the meantime, repeats will be scheduled.”

Last week, the Instagram account announced that the National Radio Hall of Famer canceled all of the promotional appearances for the show due to “ongoing health issues.”

Cases are described as “breakthrough” when someone gets COVID-19 despite being vaccinated, so it would appear Williams is inoculated.

That would contrast with her earlier statements about vaccines. In March 2020, the 57-year-old divorcee emphatically told Dr. Oz she would not be getting inoculated.

“No. I don’t trust it,” Williams said. “I’ve never gotten the flu shot either, though, and you and I have talked about that. Several of the doctors on my team have told me, ‘Wendy, get the flu shot.’ I’ve never had the flu. I’m not getting a flu shot. I very rarely get a cold. I never have headaches. I don’t take aspirin because I feel my heart murmur or something like that. I’m not getting it — no! I don’t trust it. There, I said it.”

In May, however the Asbury Park, N.J., native announced that her live studio audience would be able to return on June 1 to its Chelsea set — only if they were fully vaccinated.

On the Emmy Award-nominated chatfest, the brutally honest Lifetime biopic and in her best-selling autobiography, Williams has openly discussed some of her health challenges, which has included substance abuse, Graves disease and lymphedema.

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Wendy Williams' staff 'freak out' after host hospitalized for health issues

The US Sun 16 September, 2021 - 05:27pm

News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services.

WENDY Williams' show staff are "freaking out" after The Sun exclusively revealed the host has been hospitalized for psychiatric issues.

The 57-year-old has been forced to delay the premiere of The Wendy Williams Show as she battles ongoing health issues as well as testing positive for COVID-19.

A source close to Wendy's show told The Sun: "The staff has been back for weeks now anticipating to have the show return at the end of the month.

"Now with it pushed back, staff is freaking out and becoming increasingly concerned and it doesn’t help that information isn’t being shared internally. 

"Everyone  is finding out what is happening in the news like everyone else." they added.

On Wednesday an ambulance was pictured outside Wendy's swanky apartment building.

A spokesperson told The Sun: “There was a call for a 57-year-old non-violent female who needed psychiatric services at that address on Wednesday morning. They were transported to the hospital.” 

On Thursday, a source told Page Six Wendy is lonely as she continues to struggle with her health.

“There is a lot on her plate.” they added.

Last week Wendy's team announced she would be taking a break from promotional duties to undergo health evaluations.

The post read: "Wendy is dealing with some ongoing health issues and is undergoing further evaluations.

"She will not be able to complete her promotional activities next week, but can't wait to be back in her purple chair on Monday, September 20th for the 13th season premiere."

Just days after, Wendy had another setback.

Another post on her show's Instagram read: "While continuing her health evaluations, Wendy has tested positive for a breakthrough case of COVID-19.

“To allow Wendy time to quarantine and fully recover and to ensure that our production abides by all SAG/AFTRA and DGA Covid protocols, we expect to begin the 13th season of The Wendy Williams Show on Monday, October 4th. 

“In the meantime, repeats will be scheduled.”

Talk show icon Wendy has always been open with her fans about her health problems.

The Wendy Williams Show host has previously spoken about suffering from Graves' disease.

Fans became concerned about Wendy's health in 2017, when she fainted during a live taping of her show on Halloween.

At the time, the host blamed it on being overheated and low electrolytes.

But in February 2018 the TV star announced that she had Graves' disease, and had been living with it for years.

She also said that it was the cause of her "bulgy" eyes.

Graves' disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism and is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism in the U.S. The disease affects about 1 in 200 people.

In March Wendy showed viewers a close-up of her severely swollen ankles as she suffers from Lymphedema.

Wendy asked for a closeup of her feet and said: "Do you see my feet? Do you see how they barely fit in my shoes even? I have Lymphedema. I've had it now for a few years...

"Mine [my feet] are discolored. They're hardened. I can't wear boots. I can't believe in our comment section people say, why does she walk like that.

"Well if you see me in an airport, you'll be like is that Wendy in a wheelchair? Yup. I can't even walk two city blocks. You know you got the numbness and whatnot. It's not curable..."

Wendy is reportedly single after being spotted with a mystery man while celebrating her son's 21st birthday last month.

Wendy shared a snap with her man in the car captioned: "My son’s 21st birthday party on the yacht in #Miami was everything he wanted! Even my boyfriend."

Earlier this year Wendy dated Maryland-based Mike Esterman, a celebrity booker who also worked in real estate.

In May, Mike confirmed the pair have drifted apart because they have no time to see each other due to his hectic work schedule.

Mike told The Sun exclusively: "It's a busy time of the year for home improvement, I don't know if I can give her what she wants.

Mike went on: "Nobody called it a day, there's just no time to meet up. We talk when we can. I can't hold her back from meeting someone who can give her more.

The pair met in February on Wendy's show when Mike appeared on a dating game segment.

She split from her ex-husband Kevin Hunter, with whom she shares son Kevin Jr., following 20 years of marriage.

Wendy and Kevin went through a messy breakup in 2019 after it was reported that his alleged lover Sharina had become pregnant with his child.  

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