What to Expect at the September 14 Apple Event: iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, and More


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When does the new IOS update come out?

iOS 15 release date: September 2021. CNETiOS 15 is coming: Release date, rumors and everything else we know so far

What is Apple announcing in September?

Apple's next event, titled "California Streaming," will occur on Tuesday, September 14 at 10 a.m. ... It's expected that Apple will announce the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and new set of AirPods. ComputerworldPodcast: iPhone 13 announcement: What to expect at Apple's September 14 event

This guide highlights everything that we're expecting to see at the September event based on the rumors we've heard so far.

Apple will release four iPhones in 2021, including a 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro, and a 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max. If that sounds a lot like the iPhone 12 lineup, well, it is.

The side button, mute button, and volume buttons may be a bit lower and some of the biggest design changes are coming to the camera. The iPhone 13 Pro will have a bigger camera bump and the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 will have lenses arranged diagonally. Camera bumps may be thicker, but individual lenses will protrude less.

The iPhone 13 Pro models are rumored to be getting a 120Hz "ProMotion" display to finally put the iPhone on par with the iPad Pro. This will be enabled through new low-power LTPO backplane technology, which may also facilitate an always-on display similar to what we have on the current Apple Watch models.

Inside, the iPhone 13 models will have a 5-nanometer A15 chip and as with all updates to the A-series chip, it's expected to bring faster performance and efficiency improvements that will boost battery life.

Qualcomm's X60 modem will bring faster 5G connection speeds and better 5G coverage, and Apple is expected to bring super-fast mmWave connectivity to more countries. As for WiFi, iPhone 13 models may support the latest WiFi 6E specification.

Camera technology improves each year, and rumors suggest all of the new iPhones are getting updated features. Some of the biggest improvements will come to the iPhone 13 Pro, which is expected to be on par with the iPhone 13 Pro Max this year with a better telephoto lens.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are expected to get sensors with larger pixels to improve photos in low-light conditions, and the Ultra Wide camera on these models will feature autofocus and an improved f/1.8 aperture for low-light improvements. The sensor-shift stabilization feature available in the Pro models is expected to come to the entire iPhone 13 lineup for much better stability for the Wide camera. On the Pro models, the Ultra Wide camera may also use sensor-shift stabilization.

A new cinematic video mode will work like Portrait mode but for video, and Apple is adding ProRes support to the Pro models, which is the video equivalent of ProRAW. The built-in camera filters will be improved and will be applied to objects and people more precisely rather than being overlaid on the entire photo, plus Night Mode could get better colors and new features for recognizing the night sky.

The iPhone 13 models may support up to 1TB storage for the first time, up from the prior 512GB maximum.

There were rumors of a portless design and under-display Touch ID, but those did not pan out and we're no longer expecting those features. For more detail on what's coming in the iPhone 13 lineup, we have a dedicated iPhone 13 roundup.

No new health features are expected for the Apple Watch this year, but it is getting the first redesign we've seen since 2018. The Apple Watch Series 7 will better match the iPhone 13 because it's adopting the same flat-edged design, which is a major change from the curved edges the Apple Watch has had since its 2015 introduction.

We could see new color options, such as a green color that could join or replace the blue shade introduced last year. Rumors have been mixed on whether the new design will make the Series 7 thicker or thinner, so we'll have to wait to see.

Apple is designing new Series 7-exclusive watch faces to go with the larger displays, including a Modular Max face, a Continuum face, and a new world time watch face. Alongside the launch of the new watch, Apple is debuting new "Time to Run" and "Audio Meditations" features that will accompany the "Time to Walk" option that was introduced earlier this year.

For more on the Apple Watch Series 7, we have a dedicated guide that aggregates everything we know about it so far.

Apple's most affordable earbuds are getting an update in 2021, and it could come at the September event, although we're a bit less certain it's coming at this event than we are with the iPhone and Apple Watch. Whenever they arrive, the AirPods 3 will get a design overhaul with a more AirPods Pro-like look.

The case is shorter and wider than the current AirPods case and is more similar to the AirPods Pro case.

New internal hardware with an updated wireless chip is a possibility, and we could see extended range and battery life improvements. The AirPods 3 won't get AirPods Pro features like Noise Cancellation, and they'll still be the most affordable AirPods.

Apple is expected to release iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and tvOS 15 just a few days ahead of when the new iPhone models are set to become available.

Alternatively, some of the software updates could come as soon as the 15th if Apple repeats last year's timing. Either way, Apple will let us know the launch dates for the software on event day.

If Apple follows its recent pattern of releases, macOS Monterey may be released a bit after iOS 15 and its sister updates so we may not see Monterey until later in September or in October.

Last year, Apple held events in September, October, and November, and it was an autumn event extravaganza. Multiple events proved to be successful, and it's something we're also counting on this year.

2020 was a special situation because of the iPhone delay, so we may only get two events this year, but three is still a possibility. Here's what we may see at events held in October and/or November:

The iPhone 13 event will kick off on Tuesday, September 14 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Apple will live stream the event on its website and on YouTube.

For those unable to watch, MacRumors will have live coverage of the event both on MacRumors.com and through our MacRumorsLive Twitter account.

When Apple released iOS 14.5 in April, it introduced the ability to unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask, as long as you are wearing an Apple Watch. Here are some troubleshooting tips.

iOS 15 is available as a public beta. Here's how to install it.

macOS Monterey is now in public beta. Here's how to install it.

MagSafe Battery Pack support, the ability to merge two existing Apple Card accounts, HomePod timer management in the Home app, and more.

New features for FaceTime calls, tools to reduce distractions, a new notifications experience, added privacy features, complete redesigns for Safari, Weather, and Maps, and more.

iPhone 13 is coming in September. Here's what we know.

Redesign with flat edges, larger displays, and new watch faces.

Rumored design changes include shorter stems like current AirPods Pro, but without advanced features like active noise cancellation.

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iPhone 13: The Best Leaks Apple Couldn't Control!

TrustedReviews 10 September, 2021 - 08:00pm

Don’t sleep on the iPhone mini | Engadget

Engadget 10 September, 2021 - 12:30pm

Then there was the iPhone 12 mini, the small iPhone that some of us were clamoring for. Outside of the 5.4-inch screen, it matched the specifications of the bigger, vanilla iPhone 12. You got the same dual cameras, the same powerful A14 Bionic processor, storage and color options. It’s just, well, mini.

To me at least, the smallest phone was the most exciting device from Apple’s big event. A new (in 2020 at least) iPhone form factor for those of us that balked at the size of most phones. We’ve covered the ups and downs of tiny smartphones over the last few years, so it was a surprise — but a welcome one — when Apple decided to cater to this niche. Working in Apple’s favor, smartphone makers weren’t making small phones anymore (barring, perhaps, Sony). 

So when we finally got the iPhone 12 mini in our hands, what did we think? Chris Velazco, who reviewed it, said it was, pretty much, an iPhone 12, but smaller. He added that while it was the most potent small phone he’d tested in years, it dodged the problems of typing on smaller screens, because the display stretched to the edges of the 12 mini’s body. 

The iPhone SE, by comparison, had to make space for the home button at the bottom and the camera and earpiece at the top, which was a tight squeeze for thumbs on a 4.7-inch screen. (The iPhone 12 mini is physically a smaller phone than the iPhone SE.)

About half a year ago, I switched from my iPhone 12 Pro Max to the iPhone 12 mini. Despite how excited I was about the smallest new iPhone at launch, I still wanted the 12 Pro Max as my main phone. I told myself I needed the cameras.

I had a few reasons for “downgrading” to the iPhone 12 mini. The pandemic had tricked me into beginning a jogging habit. The hulking iPhone 12 Pro Max was not made for running shorts, and I couldn’t use my Apple Watch as it didn’t offer the narrative features of the Couch24K app. 

So there was the iPhone mini, provided by Apple when the four phones were first introduced. Small, powerful enough, and I didn’t need high-res pics because I wasn’t going anywhere during London’s lockdown. Also, the iPhone mini’s cameras are fine — good even. 

One issue with the iPhone mini is that its smallest (cheapest) configuration comes with only 64GB of storage. But, honestly, I don’t use much on-device storage, so it wasn’t hard to migrate everything.

It’s a nice feeling to be able to fit more than just your phone into your pocket; not to awkwardly stretch your thumb to reach the top of the screen. The iPhone mini is wonderful to use one-handed most of the time. 

For roughly six months, the iPhone mini was the perfect petite device for me. My Apple Arcade favorites, including relatively processor-intensive games like Fantasian, ran without issue, and my other daily apps never suffered a hiccup. I could use Fitness+ and while you might think video streaming would be less compelling on a smaller screen, I was mostly in my home. I have a TV! 

It wasn’t all perfect, though, and the major issue was exactly what our review pointed to; meager battery life. Perhaps because the iPhone 12 mini matched the bigger iPhone 12 in all specifications barring screen size, there is a physical limit to how big the battery can be

I didn’t notice that during the first half-year, but that’s probably because I was, well, mostly trapped indoors. Any time the battery dipped below 50 percent, I was immediately near a power output and could easily top the iPhone mini back up to full power. 

When the country started opening up again, I went out more. And I wasn’t taking battery packs or charging cables with me. A few times, I cut it real close getting back home (or to a power outlet) before the battery reached single-digit percentages. After too many close calls, the pin went in, the SIM came out, and I left the iPhone 12 mini for the much bigger model.  

When stories of slashed iPhone mini 12 production started appearing, I feared that this was a short-lived Apple experiment that had run its course. However, the latest rumors suggest otherwise. Last week, a listing at the FCC suggested that Apple was testing four new devices with its latest MagSafe technology. That should be the Pro Max, the Pro, the base model and the mini.

Other reports suggest that the next series of iPhones, whether they’re called iPhone 13 or something else, will offer some subtle changes improvements to last year’s models. Crucially, one report from March suggests that batteries across the iPhone series will be bigger, while more energy-efficient components, from chipsets through to screens, should also improve battery longevity. 

Many phone buyers might have been skeptical that a smaller iPhone — even if new — would be as capable as bigger models. In the evolution story of smartphones, bigger screens always game with better specifications. The iPhone 12 mini was an anomaly, and maybe we weren’t ready to it. 

If Apple can make the iPhone mini go the distance, battery-wise, but keep the specifications on par with the bigger model, there wouldn’t be much left for me (or phone reviewers) to complain about. September 14th is pretty soon. Bring it on, Apple.

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Apple iPhone 13 event: Here are all the new products being announced

Yahoo Entertainment 10 September, 2021 - 08:28am

Now given that Apple’s supply chain is extensive, it’s all but impossible for the company to keep details about upcoming products from leaking out. In fact, much of what Apple will announce has already leaked in bits and pieces over the past few weeks and months. And while this isn’t to say Apple won’t have any surprise announcements for us, it stands to reason that we already have a firm grasp of what Apple plans to unveil at its iPhone 13 event next week.

Of course, we’re going to start with the event’s main attraction: the iPhone 13. Apple’s next-gen iPhone lineup will consist of four devices and will largely mirror its iPhone 12 lineup. A recent report claims that iPhone 13 pricing will remain consistent with last year’s iPhone 12.

The iPhone 13 design, however, will be noticeably different from its predecessor. According to several credible reports, the notch on the iPhone 13 will be markedly smaller. The current notch is 34.83mm wide while the iPhone 13 notch will reportedly be 26.8mm wide.

An iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13 notch comparison can be seen in the image below:

As a point of interest, Apple was able to reduce the size of the iPhone 13 notch by moving the earpiece speaker to the bezel above the notch.

One of the more intriguing iPhone 13 features will be the inclusion of a 120Hz ProMotion display. This feature will only be available on the iPhone 13 Pro models. The advanced displays will enable users to enjoy more fluid scrolling, improved responsiveness, and “smoother motion content.”

If you’re worried about the new display having an impact on battery life, Apple has a solution. According to reports, the iPhone 13 Pro displays will dynamically switch between 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rates based on the use-case scenario.

And speaking of battery life, the iPhone 13 Mini will reportedly have an extra hour of battery life compared to the iPhone 12 Mini. Further, the other iPhone 13 models will boast larger battery capacities.

Camera-wise, every iPhone 13 model is poised to see improvements. Every iPhone 13 model will boast improved sensors capable of receiving more light. As to specifics, rumor has it that Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup will feature improved image stabilization, better low-light camera performance, and an upgraded ultra-wide lens. There’s also a strong chance the iPhone 13 will support Portrait mode for video recording.

MacRumors reported the following a few months ago:

Supply-chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects the aperture of the ultra-wide angle lens on the ‌iPhone 13‌ Pro and ‌iPhone 13‌ Pro Max to increase from ƒ/2.4 to f/1.8, with a new six-element lens assembly. This would allow for a shallower depth-of-field and much more light to enter the lens, leading to significantly improved images with the ultra-wide angle lens.

Other rumored iPhone 13 features include a 1TB storage option, an Always-On display, and new color options. And while Apple may be exploring a next-gen iPhone with a built-in Touch ID sensor, don’t expect to see that on the iPhone 13.

Apple’s AirPods were widely mocked upon their release. Years later, AirPods changed the entire headphone industry. These days, most high-end earbuds have essentially copied the AirPod design. And next week, Apple will finally unveil the third iteration of its popular AirPods.

AirPods 3 is shaping up to be a significant upgrade. Design-wise, AirPods 3 will more closely resemble Apple’s AirPods Pro. This means we can expect a more compact design and a shorter stem. Additionally, AirPods 3 will likely come with silicone ear tips, similar to the AirPods Pro.

Beyond aesthetics, AirPods 3 will reportedly feature improved audio performance, better battery life, and improved water and sweat resistance. And while there have been rumors surrounding AirPods 3 including noise-cancellation functionality, it stands to reason that Apple will keep that feature exclusive to the AirPods Pro line.

And lastly, we have the Apple Watch Series 7. Much like the AirPods 3, Apple’s next-gen Apple Watch will be getting a slight makeover. Rather than rounded corners, the upcoming Apple Watch will reportedly boast flatter edges. A render of what the wearable might look like can be seen below:

A dummy mockup of the Apple Watch Series 7, based on alleged CAD drawings, can be viewed below:

The overall design looks thicker, but we’ll have to wait until next Tuesday to know how accurate this photo is.

Aside from a redesigned case, the upcoming Apple Watch will feature smaller bezels. Further, the overall size of the device will be slightly bigger. The Apple Watch Series 7 will reportedly ship in 41mm and 45mm configurations. There are rumors that the bigger watch size will render existing watch bands incompatible. Other Apple Watch Series 7 features we’ll likely see include a faster processor and enhanced ultra-wideband functionality.

All told, Apple’s iPhone 13 event will be a can’t miss event this coming Tuesdayember 14th.

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Apple’s annual iPhone special event now has an official spot on the calendar. Earlier this week, Apple announced that its highly-anticipated iPhone 13 event will take place on Tuesday, September 14th. And even though the event will see Apple introduce AirPods 3 and a brand new Apple Watch, there’s no denying that the iPhone 13 … The post New leak may finally reveal Apple’s iPhone 13 prices appeared first on BGR.

Apple finally released a new Apple TV model earlier this year. It’s great, but there’s really only one new feature that most people care about. That’s right, it has a new Siri remote that doesn’t stink. But wait, there’s even better news. You can get the new Siri remote on its own to use with … The post Ditch your horrible Apple TV remote with a $15 replacement from Amazon appeared first on BGR.

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A selection of the more-credible leaks around so you can catch up on all the iPhone 13 rumors ahead of Apple's Sept 14th keynote.

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One year on, why Apple's iPhone 12 mini deserved more respect. And how a next-gen iPhone mini could fix the one major issue we had.

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