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Is Zacian in Pokemon go?

Zacian, the Legendary wolf Pokémon from the Galar region, is one of Pokémon Go's potential tier five raid targets. ... The Crowned Sword version of Zacian is not available in Pokémon Go yet, so this guide will only provide information on its Hero of Many Battles form until it gets added to the game. PolygonPokémon Go Zacian best moveset, counters, weaknesses, and raid guide

If you’ve played Pokemon Go during Go Fest 2021 and the Ultra Unlock event, you’ll have no doubt noticed some odd rings in the sky on your overworld map.

But what are they and what do they do? Here’s everything you need to know.

In the Ultra Unlock event, new Pokemon have been added to Pokemon Go via the rings. For some, including Sword & Shield’s Zacian and Zamazenta, this is the first time they’ve come to the game.

It’s basically just some pretty neat lore that allows Niantic to bring new Legendaries and Generations to the title and make it interesting.

As for what the sky portals actually do in the game, you’re in for a disappointment if you were hoping they’d have some sort of gameplay element to them.

Unfortunately, outside of being something pretty to look at, they don’t do anything at all. They’re purely for visual purposes only. Sorry.

Something that is odd, though, is that Hoopa isn’t actually a part of Pokemon Go’s Pokedex, meaning you can’t catch it or encounter it in any way. Perhaps all this is a hint at what’s to come?

For everything we know about the final part of the event, including Research, spawns, and more, check out our guide.

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Full Ultra Unlock Part 3 Week 2: Sword Raid Rotation In Pokémon GO

Bleeding Cool News 22 August, 2021 - 07:10pm

They aren't much more than a visual treat.

With the start of Pokémon Go’s Ultra Unlock Part Three: Sword and Shield, players have started noticing some mysterious rings appearing in the air above the overworld map. 

These rings have made previous appearances over the last several weeks, namely during the final day of Pokémon Go Fest 2021 and the trailer for the last Ultra Unlock bonus week. 

For players who don’t know, each ring is being created by the mythical Pokémon, Hoopa, which has the ability to warp space, allowing it to transport items by passing them through its hoop. Most notably, its alternate form, Hoopa Unbound has the ability to control and summon powerful Legendary Pokémon.

The entire Sword and Shield Ultra Unlock event is based around Hoopa’s rings bringing various Pokémon from the most recent Pokémon games into Pokémon Go, which could potentially lead to Hoopa itself being added to the game in the near future after more than a month of teasing it. 

Outside of providing a convenient reason for new Pokémon to be appearing and a cool concept for Niantic to play with visually, the rings don’t actually mean anything in-game since you can’t interact with them. 

They will presumably remain in the sky until Ultra Unlock Part 3 ends on Aug. 31. Until then, you can enjoy new Pokémon from Galar appearing and event-exclusive research.

Niantic Pulls Falinks Out Of Raids In Pokémon GO – Here's Why

Bleeding Cool News 22 August, 2021 - 07:10pm

Falinks was initially intended to appear in Tier Three raids during Pokémon GO's current Ultra Unlock Part Three Week One: Sword event. However, an issue with the game's graphics has caused Niantic to remove Falinks from the raid rotation. Let's get into the details.

Niantic posted the news, along with their solution for Pokémon GO players, over on their official company Twitter:

Trainers, Falinks will be removed from three-star raids for the duration of this event due to a bug causing it to appear distorted. Falinks can still be encountered in Field Research, and will appear more frequently in the wild.

This is one of the few instances of Niantic messing up that I can't imagine even the Pokémon GO fanbase will manage to spin into a major negative. Now, we're getting Falinks as a fairly common wild spawn. I can confirm after a day of moderate gameplay that Falinks seems to be spawning almost as much now as Wooloo and Skwovet.

In its place, Machamp will be appearing in 3-star raids from Friday, 8/20, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to Thursday, 8/26, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. local time and Gengar will be appearing in 3-star raids from Thursday, 8/26, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to Wednesday, 9/1, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. local time

Personally, I'd have rather they kept it as is and just increased the Galarian Weezing and Lapras raids. Machamp is… not an interesting addition. However, the problem was broken Falinks raids in Pokémon GO, and this solution is certainly fixing that core issue.

Niantic also posted information regarding another bug in the game, which may impact gameplay for some Pokémon GO trainers. They wrote:

Trainers, we're looking into a bug causing certain Pokémon to appear an incorrect size on the map. Tapping on these incorrectly sized Pokémon may cause the app to crash. To prevent these errors from occurring, please refresh your game data. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Rings In Sky Pokemon Go: Sword & Shield Event, What will Portals in Sky do?

Republic World 22 August, 2021 - 07:10pm

As the Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock Part 3 has begun from Saturday, 20 August, players are noticing strange rings in the air above the map. These rings have also appeared in the past on the closing day of Pokemon Go Gest 2021 and along with the Ultra Unlock bonus week trailer. For those who are wondering about the rings of the sky in Pokemon Go, these rings are portals in space created by a Pokemon. 

The rings are a non-playable asset and cannot be controlled or interacted with by the player, and hence, their only purpose in the game is to provide a story for the appearance of new Pokemons. However, considering that the rings are created by Hoopa, it can be speculated that the mythical Pokemon will be added to the game soon. As the Ultra Unlock event ends on 31 August, the rings might remain in the game until then.

Reward: 10 Poke Balls, 888 XP, 5 Ultra Balls

Reward: 10 Ultra Balls, 888 XP

Reward: 15 Poké Balls, 888 XP, 5 Ultra Balls

Reward: 10 Great Balls, 888 XP, 5 Ultra Balls

Reward: 25 Poké Balls, 1 Rare Candy, 5 Ultra Balls

Badass Babyface Brock Lesnar Primed for Career Resurgence with Roman Reigns Feud

Eurogamer.net 22 August, 2021 - 07:06am

For well over a year, WWE fans wondered when Brock Lesnar would make his inevitable return to the company.

They waited and waited, only to face the harsh reality that the founder of Suplex City may not be back in the company that had devoted so much time and attention to him and his penchant for smashing opponents into oblivion.

Lesnar returned to the company Saturday night in the closing moments of the SummerSlam pay-per-view, confronting Roman Reigns and setting in motion a feud that will revisit one of the most heated rivalries of the past five years.


In doing so, he not only planted the seeds for a series of physical wars with The Tribal Chief over the Universal Championship but also set in motion a babyface turn that could rejuvenate his WWE career.


The problem is, WWE Creative became so dependent on Lesnar in that role that repetition set in and The Beast lost his aura. Fans watched every year for the past eight as he stepped back on to their screens and attacked a prominent babyface before winning one of the top prizes in the company.

The "eat, sleep, conquer, repeat" catchphrase that adorned one of his most famous T-shirts because a bit too literal because that's exactly what Lesnar did, with little or no wiggle room for anything fresh, new or exciting.

By the time Drew McIntyre beat him in the five-minute main event of WrestleMania 36, it had become painfully obvious that Lesnar needed to go away, freshen up and return as something different if he wanted to remain engaging and interesting to fans.

We got the first hint of that Saturday night as Lesnar came face-to-face with the heel who rose to prominence during his 16-month absence, The Tribal Chief, Reigns.

Lesnar returned to an enormous pop, confronting the universal champion and former advocate (and closest friend) Paul Heyman, forcing them to retreat to the locker room. The crowd responded favorably to the shocking turn of events, backing Lesnar in a much-needed change of pace.

As the badass babyface who still smashes the opposition but does it on the side of the fans, The Beast can enjoy a career resurgence. After years spent in a creative abyss that can be attributed to both the performer and WWE finding comfort in the same old, same old, Lesnar can break free of the shackles that being a one-dimensional heel placed on him and do something different.


One thing WWE has been missing on its programming is a badass babyface who just beats the hell out of bad guys. The company's overreliance on smiling good guys and inspirational underdogs has made for a very black-and-white television product over the years, leaving little room for the "shades of grey" that Vince McMahon once touted while formally introducing the Attitude Era.

Lesnar would reintroduce grey to the product. He would obliterate the competition, moving through whomever he had to in order to set the date with Reigns. But Roman isn't the only person he has business with.

The moment Brock lost the WWE Championship to McIntyre and went away, Heyman abandoned him in search of another meal ticket. He was cast aside in favor of Reigns, and Saturday night at SummerSlam, the look on the advocate's face as he stood inches away from the man he once called both client and friend told the story.

And that is where things get interesting.

Lesnar could easily smash his way through the roster and face Reigns at the next major pay-per-view, but that is almost too easy. Too lazy, even. The better story is told from Heyman's perspective.

Paul spent two decades hyping up Lesnar, telling anyone who would listen just how mean, nasty and badass his client was. Then he watched him go prove it. Championship after championship, conquered WrestleMania streaks and Suplex City—he was there for all of it. No one on this planet knows better than Heyman how dangerous Lesnar is and how real the threat to Reigns' title he is.

Babyface Brock Lesnar has returned! The battle of Paul Heyman clients looks to be where we're heading. Lesnar Vs Reigns. #SummerSlam https://t.co/0FpqlqKgrr

Throw in the fact that Reigns has historically struggled against the former UFC, WWE and universal champion, and you have an intriguing story that flips the script and puts Lesnar in the vengeful babyface position for once.

In that role, Lesnar can succeed in ways he has not in recent years. It freshens things up, not only for him but for everyone involved, including the fans. This is a story they can sink their teeth into. It is a fresh incarnation of Lesnar that will be welcomed with open arms.

We have seen him as a babyface before, and it did not work thanks to questionable creative that never played to his strengths. Hopefully, both he and WWE have learned from the mistakes in the past and let him be the ass-kicker he is, winning over fans and setting up marquee matches along the way.

If so, Lesnar will become one of the hottest things in wrestling once again, and everyone will benefit.

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Binance Tightens Customer Verification Process Amid Push for Regulatory Compliance | The Daily Hodl

TheGamer 22 August, 2021 - 06:45am

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Cryptocurrency news and analysis, covering Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, XRP, altcoins and blockchain technology


Pokemon GO: Can Hoopa be Caught?

Sportskeeda 20 August, 2021 - 08:57pm

Hoopa, the Djinn Pokemon, was released as one of the mythical Pokemon that players could get in the sixth generation of the main series' games. Following this announcement, Hoopa was also tied in to the lore and world building within the remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

This was apparent as at various points in the world, Legendary Pokemon which are not native to the Hoenn region could be encountered and captured by interacting with mysterious floating rings.

These dubious rings are similar to the ones Hoopa is shown to use for summoning Pokemon in its promotional movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages.

Following the announcement of the Pokemon GO Ultra Unlock: Part 3 event, many Pokemon were seen leaving the same ring portals that were used in the remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

It was also stated that these Pokemon were brought in directly through Hoopa's influence. After hearing this statement, Pokemon GO players are wondering if they will be able to capture Hoopa through raids or other means.

Unfortunately, players cannot capture Hoopa as of yet. However, they shouldn't feel disheartened. Considering the buzz surrounding Hoopa, Niantic will most likely follow up with more information regarding its inclusion after the Ultra Unlock event is over.

Hoopa could potentially arrive in Pokemon GO. It is a mythical Pokemon that has multiple forms. Having said that, if Hoopa were to arrive in Pokemon GO as a raid boss, it would most likely be in its Unbound Form.

In the main series of games, this form can be obtained by using the Prison Bottle item on a Hoopa in the player's party. In this form, it is much more powerful and gains access to the move "Hyperspace Fury." Hoopa's monstrous size and menacing appearance could warrant its spot as the next event's main raid boss.

In summary, Hoopa cannot be caught in Pokemon GO. However, Niantic's sudden interest in the mythical Pokemon might eventually result in its arrival.

Pokémon Go Zacian counters, weaknesses and moveset explained

Eurogamer.net 20 August, 2021 - 04:00am

How to catch the legendary warrior Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

Zacian, one of the legendary Pokémon from Gen 8, will now make appearances in raids in Pokémon Go.

Like it's duo partner Zamazenta, Zacian has two forms - Hero of Many Battles and Crowned Sword. Currently you can only capture Zacian in its Hero of Many Battles form, so make sure you know Zacian's counters and weaknesses.

Zacian, like most legendary Pokémon, appears in five-star raids, so you will need to team up with other trainers to ensure its defeat. Thankfully, a Remote Raid pass will allow you to join this battle from afar.

Battling and catching Gen 8 Legendary Zacian, released August 2021 in Pokémon Go.

Below you can find the counters and weaknesses for Zacian in its Hero of Many Battle Forms in Pokémon Go:

Here are the CP ranges for battling and catching Zacian in five-star raids:

Zacian can use and learn a variety of Fast and Charged moves in Pokémon Go, including:

Together, Zacian and Zamazenta make up the Hero duo from the Galar region, with each one being a mascot for either Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The story of the Hero duo - the pair resting in the Slumbering Weald until Galar's time of need - takes clear inspiration from the tale of how King Arthur may one day return to save the British Isles.

This Arthurian connection is deepened when you consider the possibility that Zacian could be inspired by Excalibur, Arthur's legendary sword. In the Pokémon Shield entry for the Crowned Sword version of Zacian, the sword is described as having the ability to cut through anything and referred to as the 'Fairy King's Sword,' which seem to be direct references to the mythical king and his blade.

Good luck catching Zacian in Pokémon Go!

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