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The Verge 15 July, 2021 - 02:08pm 35 views

How to fix your Joycon drift permanently?

As a more permanent fix, Victorstk simply inserted a thin piece of paper—about a millimeter thick—inside the Joy-Con. The paper compresses all of the joystick's components back together again. Surprisingly, two months later, a Joy-Con that consistently exhibited drift issues has worked perfectly, Victorstk says. GizmodoA Small Piece of Paper Might Be All You Need to Fix Joy-Con Drift on the Nintendo Switch

Ahead of its October 8th release date

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The Verge will have a complete guide to preordering an OLED Switch soon, so check back later today to find out how various retailers are handling preorders for the popular new console. Currently, Best Buy and Gamestop are the only retailers with dedicated landing pages for the OLED model, however, there’s still a possibility that Amazon, Target, and Walmart will open up preorders as well.

The OLED Switch, as the name implies, is largely focused on upgrading the display of the original Switch, swapping the 6.2-inch LCD out for a brighter, richer 7-inch OLED panel. Resolution, RAM, CPU, and even the physical dimensions of the console are the same as the original model, however. Despite the rumors, the OLED Switch doesn’t offer any “Switch Pro”-style upgrades for a more powerful console.

Also new is a redesigned kickstand (which spans the entire device and looks to be a notable improvement on the original’s flimsy stand), “enhanced audio” for the built-in speakers, and a new dock that adds an integrated ethernet port.

Snagging a new console is a tricky business these days, as anyone who has tried to buy a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X in the past few months can attest to, with bots, scalpers, and the sheer demand of thousands of customers all trying to snap up a limited number of consoles. And if demand is anywhere near as high for the OLED Switch, you’ll probably need a healthy dose of luck to snag one when preorders open later today.

Update July 15th, 2:50 PM ET: Added landing pages for the select retailers.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Pre-Orders Go Live In The US Today

Nintendo Life 15 July, 2021 - 03:00pm

Here are the times you need

It's good news for our chums in the US today, as Nintendo has announced that pre-orders for the shiny new Switch OLED will be going live in the region in just a few hours' time.

Select retailers will open up pre-orders today, 15th July, at 12pm PT / 3pm ET. We've been gathering up all the links you need from a variety of retailers for this very moment, so make sure to pop back at the time mentioned above and try your luck at grabbing an order before they sell out:

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC Disclosure for more information.

For those of you based in the UK and Europe, you can also keep track of potential pre-order options right here. A number of stores have already opened orders, with some of the bigger names – like Amazon and Nintendo's UK Store – still left to go.

Are you hoping to secure a Nintendo Switch OLED? Here's everything you need to know about the console if you need a bit of help making up your mind.

[source twitter.com]

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I give it 5 minutes before preorders are maxed out

AKA "the white console that's actually in stock"

If I was a first time switch buyer then yes I would go for it, but as I already own one then a big no for me, imo of course. However for those who are going to go for it (scalpers excluded!!), you are purchasing an amazing console and enjoy!!

You already know what to expect. THEY are gonna come and max out the pre-orders.


And I buy that for a Dollar........little in investment and pay alot for v2 hardware. NO GPU/CPU upgrade and pay more for what exactly??????

Best Buy has some packages including Metroid and the carrying case. I got the page up and credit card ready. Fingers crossed, but not hopeful.

@SwitchForce if you find out, let me know please

The scalpers can have this one. I’ll stick with my AC:NH console.

@nhSnork "...that isn't the Xbox Series S"

I’m gonna (try to) do it. Only because my launch switch, now has a battery life of like, 45 minutes. But, if I don’t land one, I will neither be surprised nor upset.

Update: presently surprised, I got one from GameStop. I physically showed up and there were two other people there with the same strategy. It worked

@MrGrim I was thinking, "when did assassin's creed: new hampshire come out?"🤣🤣my bad😅

I'm not as angry about the Swoled as I was to be honest. I would love a more robust upgrade but don't wish this machine any ill.

However I do think Nintendo are pulling a fast one here. The upgrade is so small that I think it was probably a case of not being able to source the old parts anymore and so added a couple of token upgrades and called it a new model.

Can't really blame them, I'm sure people will lap it up!

I'll try my luck to get one from Gamestop! That white Switch OLED would look great next to my PS5 😁. I still need to get an Xbox Series X also.

I checked eBay and someone has already tried to pre sell it for 700 plus shipping! I don't think this is going to be hard to get. I'm thinking Nintendo will just make this the standard switch and even if they don't I know I will be able to get it easy.

@Realness Thats exactly my attitude. I'll try for one since my launch unit's body is dying and my kids could buy it from me if I upgrade. Not to mention I play mostly in handheld mode. If I lose to the bots however, I'll shrug it off and move on.


This new model will be awesome for anybody playing a lot in handheld mode, can't wait to see that new screen in action.

@johnvboy The new model isn't awesome or anything it's the same v2 Switch hardware chipset. Upgrade display doesn't improve game play performance. Let's get this fact out there sure you can store more saved data but that little consolation when there is no GPU/CPU upgrade to go along with the price hike. And considering reports the parts are pennies on the dollar they are hiking the price while giving little in Game Performance return. My v2 since upgrade has worked just fine-I only upgraded trading in my v1 but the price was the same if bought new so a OLED costing more. NO HARD PASS.......

For those lucky enough to snag one, welcome to the Switch family. Enjoy your shiny new screen!

While I've never tried to pre order a console in my 43 years, I am jazzed to try and get a Switch OLED on release day, so here I go with my first pre order attempt...

If you want to pay more but can still find v2 standard Switch then by all means go. You can still find v2 for 299.99 and put the extra towards Pro or another pair Joy-Con. This would let everyone else enjoy the fun. And OLED is portable but once Docked is just like the v2 Switch nothing different. Only time I would dip-in is the price drop back to 299.99 as the v2 maybe then.

Now I can leave my old Switch dock and take this one on the go. Hopefully pre-order doesn't crash like the Super NES Classic Edition.


Fair enough, I just wanted the better screen.

@SwitchForce so? I imagine a bigger screen on the same device will be nicer especially when its oled. Sure we still have to see how its calibrated and all that but, say, playing a game like hollow knight on a oled screen will be more different then on a lcd screen.

@SwitchForce but the KICKSTAND !!

Internet: "I won't get this! It's stupid. Nintendo disappoints me for not making this the thing everyone (other than Nintendo) said it would be. Zero improvement. Price hike! I hate Nintendo for lying to us!"

Really neat little trick. If you buy 3 of them and sell two a much higher price, you can use the money to pay for the third and have it free. Might be a problem if too many people do it, but don't think it's very well known yet.


And the lovely curvy dock, I like curvy things.

@SwitchForce But if some want the better screen along with the more stable online connection option, then there's nothing stopping them. The extra $50 is not just for the quality of the screen but the extra storage, screen size, bigger kick stand, better audio feature, and the new dock.

If you already have a switch then save your money and pre-order a Valve steam deck instead. Maybe it'll be your first dip into PC gaming, maybe it'll open your world. 👀

Steam Deck (portable PC more or less) has just been announced and can play every game in the Steam library.

It's out late this year for $399 for 64 GB SSD storage ($529 for 256 GB and $699 for 512 GB).

@ATaco wow. Had not heard if this and it's exactly what I've been wishing for. Thank you for the info. Going to pre-order tommorow

@shgamer It's lame when you realize it only support Steam, that means you can't play games from other clients like Antstream, Google Stadia, Xbox GamePass, Amazon Luna, GOG, Microsoft App Store, and do other things like installing emulators and play retro games.

Hopefully it'll be at least better than Valve's last two failures (the Steam Machines and Steam Link). Also because Valve is running it on a customized OS of Steam and not through Windows, not all games will work with it unless Valve optimized the games for the handheld.

That's one of the big issue with the Steam Machines was that yeah all your games in your Steam library could show up but unless they are optimized for the system and its hardware the games ain't gonna run that well or even work at all. Indie games will probably work okay but triple A titles like Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn, Monster Hunter World, and Sekiro may struggle or had to sacrifice between performance and resolution which will be terrible cause the handheld will only support 720p, not sure if the dock will up-res that to 1080p or 4K though but we'll see. Games like Rayman Legends and Assassin's Creed 4 may had issue since those required the UbiSoft Connect client whereas EA games like Titanfall and Burnout 3 Paradise may had issue as those required the Origins client even through Steam.

I'll just rather stick to the GPD Win 3 which is way more powerful with its latest Tiger Lake processor and had its own dock at 4K with support for all clients and could play more than just Steam. All I could say is best of luck to Valve.

Okay 3pm ET and still says “coming soon”… Baaah let me buy this thing!! 😵‍💫

@Ghost_of_Hasashi It can run PC apps (also Microsoft and Epic stores) as it's basically just a PC. it's running on a Linux kernel though (which is only good IMO because it's more stable than Windows).

But it all depends of you liking the PC/Steam library or not.

I can't say I do in an extreme way, but there are a few games like Splinter Cell, Alan Wake and Dark Sector (the Resident Evil games I already have on my Switch, although it could tempting to play them in 60 fps on a handheld) that I would like to play on a handheld.

I'm not totally sure I will be getting one but at the price point it is a bit tempting I must admit (Nintendo better come up with that Pro with some Xbox 360 emulation or something lol).

Got the email from Best Buy saying it's available, but the site still says "Coming Soon"... how strange!

@stiligFox same. I bet the bots snatched them all up in a millisecond 😫

@stiligFox Same here...

Another smooth pre order experience. Had it in cart game stop.. website had meltdown, would not let me continue. Now out of stock

What's lame is that the US sites always seem to have issues. UK had preorders up for hours! But here they sell out in seconds to bots D:

Can anyone confirm it was actually live at Best Buy yet and we missed it?

@Longondo Actually had it show up and got it in the cart? Wow, haven't even seen it show up as available at all. Crazy.

got my white preorder through gamestop!

Had one in my gamestop cart then 1 minute later it refreshed and said its now out of stock...lol

@stiligFox I have not seen it go live yet. Like you got email have been refreshing. Seems fishy.

Dang! I've been refreshing Best Buy and Gamestop every fifteen seconds for the last 15 minutes, neither ever showed available. How crazy!

@kal3el I don't see a listing for Walmart?

I was able to secure a pre-order from Gamestop for the White model! Only took 5 minutes! Good luck to everyone else trying to get one.

By the time I'd checked the imaginary Wallmart listing best buy had listed and sold out

finally got best buy to work so cancelled walmart because i gotta best buy card and they dont charge till it ships

Thanks. Weird it didn't come up in search

Well, was finally able to get the pre-order in at Best Buy. Question: For any others who successfully got the pre-order there, did it offer a shipping option? Because I only got a pick-up option. Still took it and finished checking out fast, but couldn't get it shipped.

Woo! Got my Best Buy order with Metroid and the case. Happy day

I only got pick up option and was unable to continue. Absolute joke

@Rocky2418 store pickup option only for me

I got pick up option only and it's 200 miles away. At least I got one? I guess? What a rip

@Manjushri Okay, thanks for confirming that.

@Rocky2418 it offered shipping. i chose pick because i know best buy ships a couple days after release. when shipping was selected it had arrival date of october 10th. i couldnt wait 2 days

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How to Finally Fix Your Drifting Nintendo Joy-Con on Your Own

Lifehacker 15 July, 2021 - 03:00pm

However, a YouTuber going by the name “VK’s Channel” claims to have found a permanent solution—and it’s surprisingly simple.

It’s impossible to confirm if sliding a piece of paper into your Joy-Con is, in fact, a long-term solution for everyone since it’s only been recently discovered, but according to the comments on VK’s and across social media, it seems to work so far.

I planned to test the fix on a pair of Joy-Cons I abandoned due to extreme drift issues, but I lack the proper tools to get the job done—which brings up some important caveats Switch owners should be aware of before attempting it themselves.

In order to pull off VK’s DIY drift fix, you need to remove four tiny tri-wing head screws on the back of the Joy-Cons. Most Switch owners probably don’t have a tri-wing screwdriver, and if they do, it may not be the right size (a 1.5 mm tri-wing will get the job done).

Still, even though VK’s paper trick requires zero technical precision, DIY fixes are risky. You can accidentally introduce extra dust to the inner components, and small pieces could break or fall out and get lost. If you’re not comfortable risking your Joy-Cons’ warranty and usability, contact Nintendo and get the drift professionally serviced, or simply buy an extra pair instead. But if you’re ready to take matters into your own hands, give this at-home fix a shot.

[Nintendo Life]

GameStop Will Offer Nintendo Switch OLED In-Store Preorders Today

GameSpot 15 July, 2021 - 03:00pm

August's First PS Plus Game Confirmed As Hunter's Arena: Legends

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 Coming July 13, And Here's What It Does

Call your local GameStop and check that they're participating before heading down there, though.

GameStop hasn't officially confirmed this on Twitter yet, but when three separate GameSpot staffers called their local GameStop stores today, two out of the three stores in different cities confirmed that yes, in-store preorders will be available today at 3 PM ET. Reports on Twitter back this up as well. That means you'll want to call your local store ASAP to check whether they're participating if you're interested in preordering the new Nintendo Switch OLED today and don't want to deal with the hassle and frustration of online stock selling out thanks to bots and scalpers.

For those who still want to take their shot at preordering the Switch OLED online, you can check out the current links and landing pages below. Online preorders also start at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET today, and two color schemes are available: a new black-and-white version and the original neon red-and-blue design.

The Nintendo Switch OLED releases October 8 and costs $350 USD. It notably features a 7-inch OLED screen, 64GB of internal storage (twice that of the standard Switch), a wider adjustable kickstand, improved audio, and a LAN port on the dock. It still runs in 1080p while docked and has the same CPU, RAM, and battery life, so upgrading may not be as worth it for existing Switch owners. Check out our hands-on impressions of the Switch OLED for more details.

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Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders open today at 3PM ET

Engadget 15 July, 2021 - 03:00pm

The newest Switch comes with a larger, 7-inch OLED display, as well as 64GB of internal storage, a redesigned kickstand, “enhanced audio” and a new dock that adds a wired LAN port. Nintendo will offer the $350 console in two colorways at launch: classic neon red and blue, and black and white.

What you won’t find on this version of the Switch is a new chipset. Ahead of the OLED model’s announcement at the start of the month, there were reports Nintendo planned to include an updated SoC with NVIDIA’s DLSS tech to enable the console to output games at 4K. That didn’t happen, but that’s not to say a Switch “Pro” is off the table.

Whether or not the OLED Switch represents a missed opportunity, we expect demand for the console will easily outstrip supply. In May, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa told investors the company was still contending with production issues, and the global semiconductor shortage isn’t expected to end anytime soon. 

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