Why Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's bromance is so captivating 24 years later


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What story is the movie The Last Duel based on?

It is based on medieval literature specialist Eric Jager's bestseller The Last Duel: A True Story of Trial By Combat in Medieval France, which recounted how, in 1386, the Norman knight Jean de Carrouges demanded of King Charles VI the right to a fight-to-the-death with a certain Jacques Le Gris, with whom he was ... theguardian.comThe Last Duel review – storytelling with gusto in Ridley Scott’s medieval epic

Is the duel based on a true story?

Is The Last Duel based on a true story? In short, yes. The first two chapters of the three-act film, penned by Damon and Affleck, draw heavily on Jager's research, recounting Marguerite's rape and the events surrounding it from the perspectives of Carrouges and Le Gris, respectively. SmithsonianThe True History Behind Ridley Scott's 'The Last Duel' | History

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