Windows 11 may not leave 7th-gen Intel and 1st-gen Ryzen CPUs in the dust


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How do I get Windows 11?

Most users will go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and clicking Check for Updates. If available, you'll see Feature update to Windows 11. Click Download and install. CNETWindows 11: Price, compatibility, release date and features for Microsoft's big new update

Does Windows 11 require TPM?

Windows 11 will only run on PCs that have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which are chips built into the PC in order to protect sensitive data, like encryption keys. LivemintWhy Windows 11 requires TPM chips

When will Windows 11 roll out?

However, active and eligible devices will receive the Windows 11 upgrade "through the first half" of 2022. Windows 11 is due out later in 2021 and will be delivered over several months. The rollout of the upgrade to Windows 10 devices already in use today will begin in 2022 through the first half of that year. IGNWindows 11 Free Upgrades Won't Arrive Until Next Year - IGN

How to check if you can run Windows 11?

computer find out if your computer has a tpm. let's open the tpm. management tool go to the search box in the lower left and type tpm.msc select it if you get an overview. along with tpm manufacturer. information your computer does have a tpm chip just make sure here on the right it's version two version one will not ... TechGumboHow to Check If Your Windows 10 PC Can Run Windows 11

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Last week, Microsoft announced Windows 11. When it did so, it promised that Windows Insiders would be able to start testing out the Windows 11 beta beginning the next week. If you want to install this thing on day one, there are some things that you can do to get your PC ready.

It’s worth noting that the requirements for using Windows 11 this holiday season when it comes out are different from the requirements for running the beta through the Insider Program.

Image via Microsoft

The following table represents eligibility if you’re already in the Windows Insider Program and testing Windows 10.

This is very important, because if you start testing out Windows 11 and you don’t meet the minimum requirements, you’re going to have to roll back to Windows 10. That means that you’ll have to do a clean installation of the OS.

To check if your PC is eligible for Windows 11, you can run Microsoft’s PC Health app. That’s going to let you know if your PC meets the minimum requirements.

Again, this isn’t about finding out if your PC can run the Windows 11 beta in the Insider Program, because those are different requirements. This is about knowing if your PC will be able to run Windows 11 when it comes out this holiday season, so you can make an informed decision on whether to go ahead with installing the preview.

By now, you should be mentally prepared for what you’re about to do. In case you’re not, keep in mind that this is an early build. There are going to be some that are unstable, and the only way to roll back (after a 10-day period) is to do a clean installation of Windows 10.

Also, this isn’t like an Android or iOS beta, where the company releases a rough build to start, and then is gets refined as we slide into general availability. There are going to be Windows 11 preview builds that are more stable than others, and then there are going to be some that make you want to throw your PC out the window. Here in the Windows Insider Program, we just sort of roll with the punches.

All set? Good, here’s how you enroll your PC.

That’s it. If you want to skip over the first few builds, you can enroll in the Beta channel to get Windows 11 when it’s a little more stable. The Beta channel is for when it’s in the RTM phase, so at that point, Microsoft should just be servicing Windows 11 with cumulative updates. Windows 11 should arrive in the Beta channel this summer.

The third option is the Release Preview channel, and that’s reserved for testing things that are about to go live. Windows 11 should be in Release Preview roughly a month before its release.

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Windows 11's Android apps won't need to use Amazon app store after all

Rock Paper Shotgun 28 June, 2021 - 10:40am

The surprise announcement last week that Windows 11 would support Android apps was tempered by fact that Microsoft is using the Amazon app store to deliver them. Thankfully, you won’t be tied to the Amazon store. A Microsoft engineer has confirmed that you can ‘sideload’ apps in Windows 11, meaning you can install games and more from anywhere.

Confirmation came on twitter via Microsoft developer Miguel de Icaza

Android allows ‘sideloading’, basically letting you install an app by copying it to the phone’s storage, running it from there, and then burning some sage in case of malware. We don’t know how exactly Windows 11 will accomplish this, but it’s good to know you can. That’s how we do things on the PC. A good place to grab something to sideload would be via's Android section.

When I owned an Amazon tablet, I did everything I could to bypass their own store. It was a mess and not nearly as well stocked as Google’s own store. For example, you can find an official Call of Duty mobile game on Google Play (free-to-play), but on Amazon’s store you’ll find “Call of Striker Zone Mobile Duty: Free Shooting Game”. Amusingly, to find that out, I had to sideload the Amazon app store onto my phone. Android is a wild west.

However it works, Android on PC is a welcome addition for me. My tablet has it. My phone has it. The old laptop I install random operating systems on for fun sometimes has Android on it. I’m invested in it. There are plenty of games that I’d much rather play on the PC than my phone, but they’re only available on Android. Sky: Children of the Light is on everything but the PC. It took Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery almost two years to make the leap to Steam. At the very least, you’ll be able to get a head start by playing those mobile games that get reskinned as PC games. Boom!

Windows 11 is scheduled for the end of 2021, start of 2022, and if you own Windows 10 it'll be a free upgrade. If Microsoft can make Android viable on the PC, they’ve got a real win on their hands.

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