With injured Richie Incognito out for opener, Las Vegas Raiders' rebuilt offensive line to feature 4 new starters


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Who will sign latavius Murray?

The Ravens have signed Latavius Murray as the latest addition to their running back room after Gus Edwards' reported season-ending injury during Thursday's practice. Head Coach John Harbaugh announced the move Friday, which is reportedly a one-year deal. BaltimoreRavens.comRavens Sign Running Back Latavius Murray

Did Gus Edwards tear ACL?

7:12pm: Edwards' ACL tear has been confirmed. Schefter reports (via Twitter) that the Ravens running back indeed suffered the season-ending injury. profootballrumors.comRavens Fear ACL Tears For Marcus Peters, Gus Edwards

Is Gus Edwards out for the year?

Gus Edwards, Marcus Peters confirmed to have torn ACLs, both out for 2021 season. Ravens WireGus Edwards, Marcus Peters confirmed to have torn ACLs, both out for 2021 season

Did Gus Edwards get injured?

Gus Edwards Injury Impact: Torn ACL Ends Season; Fantasy Alternatives Limited. According to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Ravens fear running back Gus Edwards tore his ACL in practice Thursday afternoon. Sports IllustratedGus Edwards Injury Impact: Torn ACL Ends Season; Fantasy Alternatives Limited

Brian Griffiths: Maryland Democrats fumble state sports betting as NFL season opens | COMMENTARY

Baltimore Sun 11 September, 2021 - 10:11pm

At least the Ravens will be in a place where sports betting is allowed this weekend.

The Maryland General Assembly passed legislation legalizing slot machines in a special session in 2007. Ever since, Maryland has been viewed as acting too passively on expanding gaming options.

In 2007, when slot machines were first introduced, gambling advocates were insisting that Maryland needed full table games in order to be competitive with our neighboring states. The Democrats slow-played the gambling rollout, taking five more years to pass table gaming legislation. Maryland lost hundreds of millions of dollars in gaming revenue.

In 2018, after the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, Maryland had an opportunity to act quickly to implement sports betting as soon as possible in order to get a leg up on competing states. I wrote in this column at the time that Maryland should act by holding a special session of the General Assembly to legalize sports betting in time for any referendum to be held during the 2018 General Election. Legislative Democrats did nothing. Maryland lost hundreds of millions of dollars more in gaming revenue.

Democrats left it to voters to legalize sports betting, which passed by referendum last November. Everything should have been in place to get sports betting up and running in time for this football season. Instead, again as I wrote in an earlier column, Democrats slow-played the adoption of a legal framework for implementation, waiting until the very end of the session to pass something, when it should have been a top priority.

Ultimately, Democratic dilly-dallying means that the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission did not have the bandwidth to get their framework in place for the approval and issuance of licenses in time for this weekend’s NFL season kickoff. Even the 17 locations named in the law did not have the opportunity to get their approvals in time for the season. Once again, Maryland has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in gaming revenue.

I would be willing to bet that this slow-playing of the gaming rollout in Maryland by Democrats, between the delayed table gaming and the delayed rollout of sports betting, has cost Maryland well over $1 billion in revenue – revenue that could defray the cost of higher taxes on Maryland’s working families.

Unfortunately, even once sports betting finally gets launched, there’s nothing to say that legislative Democrats or state regulators aren’t going to continue to micromanage and overregulate the gaming process. Maryland’s gambling regime, for example, regulates what a dealer can and cannot play on a blackjack hand as well as what the odds are for a hand of blackjack. Will state regulators in the future overregulate how Maryland’s sports books run their shops? Will they cap odds, what types of parlays can be offered, or other nonsense that will further erode the ability of not just the casinos to earn a profit but for the state to collect gaming revenue?

The Ravens are opening the season at +1,400 odds to win the Super Bowl and as a 4.5-point favorite against the Raiders. Thanks to the ineptitude of Maryland Democrats, the state is not in position to collect any revenue on it.

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Can Latavius Murray’s downhill style help Ravens soften the loss of Edwards and Dobbins?

Baltimore Beatdown 10 September, 2021 - 01:34pm

The veteran back is a North & South runner who can simulate the same style that the two injured runners have

I'm told RB Latavius Murray is expected to placed on the #Ravens active roster & confirming RB Devonta Freeman is set for the practice squad as well.

While fully “replacing” Edwards and Dobbins is virtually impossible, Murray is a stylistic fit that should excel in the Ravens’ downhill rushing scheme. According to ESPN’s Next Gen Stats, Murray is the closest fit to Dobbins and Edwards in two key metrics: efficiency and “TLOS” or “average time behind the line of scrimmage.” The two are defined as such:

Rushing efficiency is calculated by taking the total distance a player traveled on rushing plays as a ball carrier according to Next Gen Stats (measured in yards) per rushing yards gained. The lower the number, the more of a North/South runner.

Next Gen Stats measures the amount of time a ball carrier spends (measured to the 10th of a second) before crossing the Line of Scrimmage. TLOS is the average time behind the LOS on all rushing plays where the player is the rusher.

In terms of efficiency, Edwards, Dobbins and Murray ranked third, fourth and fifth in 2020, respectively. In terms of TLOS, Murray spent the sixth fewest amount of time behind the line of scrimmage, while Edwards was 11th. In 2019, it was more of the same, with Murray ranked ninth in efficiency and sixth in TLOS. This shows that Murray is capable of being the downhill back that will hit the designed gap without hesitation and can be useful in short yardage, or “power,” situations.

Earlier this week, I wrote an article detailing how the Ravens could surprise the Raiders, and perhaps their first few opponents, with an under center “pro style” offense that they haven’t used in games with quarterback Lamar Jackson, but worked on this offseason. Murray has worked almost exclusively from this style of offense in New Orleans the past two years. According to Sports Info Solutions, 128 of Murray’s 146 carries came from under center formations. However, Murray was relatively impactful when the Saints handed him the ball out of shotgun formations. Over the past two seasons, Murray has taken 30 carries for 165 yards and three touchdowns from shotgun formations, with four of said carries gaining at least 15 yards.

Murray’s significant carries by run concepts since the start of 2019:

These concepts accounted for 94% of Murray’s carries over the last two years. Murray hasn’t had any carries in the read option game with New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill, which could take some time to adjust to. The Ravens favorite run concepts over the last two years have been:

They’ve also run (obviously) tons of option runs with Jackson. They’ve run 470 option rushes for 2,847 yards and 13 touchdowns over the last two years. Those include read options, veers, bashes and other variations.

While the option game will need some time for Murray to get comfortable with mesh point exchanges, the Ravens scheme is a good fit for a runner who has excelled on power, lead, inside zone and outside zone concepts. In those concepts (removing duo, essentially), Murray has rushed for 1,038 yards on 220 carries in those concepts (4.71 yards per carry). Specifically, his success in power concepts (the Ravens run more power than any team in the NFL) is enticing (4.89 yards per carry).

Considering Ravens Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman’s scheme and the degree to which defenses must allocate resources and assignments to account for Jackson, it’s not impractical to expect Murray to average 5.0 yards per carry in the Ravens offense. While they would love to have Edwards and Dobbins, who were second and third in Next Gen Stats rushing yards over expectation in 2020, Murray is a nice replacement considering the fact that he was cut by the Saints less than a week ago.

With running back Ty’Son Wiliams having familiarity at the mesh point, it would be reasonable to expect Williams to be on the field for more option runs over the first few games. Murray shouldn’t take long to get acclimated. He’s spent time with three different NFL teams over his career and been in a bevy of offensive systems. Former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis had an interesting quote on the Glenn Clark show regarding how long it takes a back to pick up a system.

.@Jamal31Lewis on how long it takes for a RB to get ready for the season: "These guys are vets...Once you've been in 1 system you've been in them all, it's just understanding the terminology &...blocking schemes...It doesn't take long...as long as the team is comfortable" #Ravens

The aspect that Murray doesn’t project to replace the production of Edwards and Dobbins is broken and missed tackles. Among 51 runners with at least 100 carries in 2020, Murray had the seventh lowest rate of missed and broken tackles forced (4.1%). In comparison, Dobbins (11.2%) and Edwards (8.3%) ranked 9th and 22nd respectively. The other aspect is losing the mesh point security and option run familiarity. There will be time to acclimate Murray, as well as running backs DeVonta Freeman, Le’Veon Bell, Trenton Cannon or whomever ends up taking snaps in the Ravens backfield. However, that could give opposing defenses a “tell” when Williams is on the field, vs. another back who doesn’t have familiarity in the option game.

Playing defense is about eliminating possibilities pre-snap so you can react quickly when the ball is snapped and execute the correct assignment based on the offenses first few steps. If the Ravens aren’t comfortable enough to call option concepts with other backs, it will take away the threat the defenses fear when playing the Ravens, which is problematic. That should only take a few weeks of practice in order to gain enough confidence to execute those concepts, but ultimately could prove to make the first few games a bit more difficult than they would’ve been otherwise.

The Ravens will certainly need to lean on Williams in those games. If he’s able to perform at a high level, the Ravens offense will be in good shape while taking on two AFC West opponents that have high aspirations this year.

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