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What time does NXT takeover 36 start?

If you thought that WWE's big SummerSlam weekend was over, think again. Tonight at 8 p.m. ET, the yellow brand will takeover as NXT Takeover 36 will come live from the WWE's Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando. DraftKings NationNXT Takeover live stream: TV/live stream stream and matches to watch during Sunday’s PPV

Who won NXT takeover 36?

NXT is reaching into its past to redefine its future. Samoa Joe returned to the ring at TakeOver 36 and defeated Karrion Kross to become the new NXT champion. Sports IllustratedSamoa Joe Tops Karrion Kross as WALTER Steals Show in 'NXT TakeOver 36'

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3 Wrestling rumors we hope are true and 3 we hope aren't: Vince McMahon unable to convince popular WWE star to re-sign, Top Champion controversially turned heel without fans knowing at SummerSlam?

Sportskeeda 24 August, 2021 - 05:01am

Welcome to this week's edition of WWE/wrestling rumors we hope are true and those we hope aren't. This is the post-SummerSlam edition and what a whirlwind of a past few days it has been in the professional wrestling industry.

CM Punk's return was undoubtedly the biggest thing this weekend. However, Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar's returns made for a lot of positive talk when it came to SummerSlam 2021.

All in all, it's a great time to be a WWE and wrestling fan in general. Let's look at the six biggest rumors of the past week:

It was rumored in July that Adam Cole's WWE contract had run out. He reportedly signed a small extension so he worked the SummerSlam weekend. At NXT Takeover: 36, Adam Cole seemingly had his last match in NXT as he lost to rival Kyle O'Reilly.

It marked the end of a historic 4-year run with the brand, where he was the longest-reigning NXT Champion in history. However, he is now done and it's time for the next chapter.

Vince McMahon has taken a liking to WWE's Adam Cole https://t.co/7y76Od4rMs

That leaves two big options - the WWE main roster, or AEW. Unlike several WWE superstars who were shockingly released this year, Adam Cole is in a far better position.

Fightful reported that Adam Cole still hasn't signed a WWE contract despite Vince McMahon trying to convince him to do so earlier. Sportskeeda's Prityush Haldar wrote:

We hope this is true because this is an extremely advantageous position for Adam Cole - creatively and financially. It all depends on who gives him the better offer. AEW can guarantee a better role for him creatively, and he will also get to reunite with his wife Britt Baker.

However, there is a lot of potential for bigger stardom in WWE. If Vince McMahon had a personal meeting with Adam Cole to convince him to sign a new contract, he may have better leverage overall. It's a good sign for Adam Cole.

Karrion Kross Debuts New Mask And In-Ring Attire On Tonight’s WWE RAW

Wrestling Inc. 24 August, 2021 - 05:01am

Karrion Kross returned to the ring on tonight’s post-SummerSlam edition of RAW from San Diego, one night after losing the WWE NXT Title to Samoa Joe at Takeover 36.

Tonight’s RAW saw Kross squash Ricochet in a fairly quick match. Ricochet had some offense but Kross dominated and quickly put him away with the Doomsday suplex and the Kross Jacket submission. It looks like the suplex is no longer being called the Doomsday Saito suplex, just the Doomsday suplex.

The biggest news coming out of the match is how Kross came to the ring wearing a new gladiator mask. He removed the mask before the bell rang, but he’s also wearing new in-ring attire to go with the gladiator mask. You can see the new looks below.

Stay tuned for more on Kross. Below are a few shots of his new attire and tonight’s easy win over Kross:

Samoa Joe On Vince McMahon’s Involvement With NXT, Possible Main Roster Return

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NXT TakeOver 36 recap, reactions: Meet the new era, same as the old era

Cageside Seats 24 August, 2021 - 05:01am

NXT TakeOver 36 might be our last hurrah with the black and gold brand as we know it. Thankfully, they made it a good sendoff.

NXT Champion Karrion Kross said his match with Samoa Joe at NXT TakeOver 36 is about the future of NXT. During the match, Vic Joseph said the winner will lead NXT into a new era. And since this is WWE, he reiterated that point as the show closed on Sunday night (Aug. 22, 2021).

This company is a lot of things, but subtle isn’t one of them.

Anyway, Joe and Kross had a violent match! Big shock, right? It was methodical as they told the story of a man coming back after semi-retirement to vanquish his younger and fresher opponent. Did Samoa Joe truly still have it, or was his bark a lot worse than his bite?

COQUINA CLUTCH!!!#NXTChampionship#NXTTakeOver@SamoaJoe@WWEKarrionKross pic.twitter.com/CF2ffRP0wM

Something felt off about this entire match. I can’t put my finger on what, but it just didn’t click. Joe didn’t look like he lost a step and Kross is always game, but when it was over, all I mustered was a “meh.”

HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE.@SamoaJoe is the first ever THREE-TIME #NXTChampion!#NXTTakeOver pic.twitter.com/7qe5CK4Yzv

It wasn’t the best match of the night nor was it the most interesting. It was just there. And for a main event on Sunday night as the capper to three days of wrestling, “just there” just isn’t good enough.

But hey, on the bright side, Kross can now fully focus his sights on Jeff Hardy, while Joe hilariously tires to be NXT Champion and Commissioner Regal’s second-in-command. I smell wacky hi jinx!

That's one heck of a kick from @DakotaKai_WWE!@RaquelWWE #NXTTakeOver pic.twitter.com/j88y97SeaT

There’s one gigantic moment from this match that sticks out. Early on, pretty much right after the bell went ding, Dakota Kai hit the Yakuza Kick and knocked Raquel González into next week. Well, not next week, but definitely out of the ring. The NXT Women’s Champion was out cold, meaning it wasn’t easy for the smaller Kai to hoist her back into the ring.

Dakota Kai had it. She had the championship right there in her grasp and it slipped away because of physics. Damn you, science.

From that point on, the former best friends put on a show. Raquel’s strength and power against Dakota’s experience and speed. Dakota used her quickness and wit to finesse Raquel into taking an L. Raquel injured her shoulder, but her power game was still on point, if only a little hobbled. The woman even swung Dakota’s head into the middle turnbuckle like she was swinging a bag of groceries.

Eventually, we got to a nice back and forth, with neither woman wanting to give an inch. Raquel, not here for a long time, doing her best to pummel Dakota. On the other hand, Dakota gave as good as she got, catching Raquel off guard in several moments and seemingly making “momentum” her middle name.

Which brings us right back to where we started. Dakota smelled blood in the water and went for the Yakuza Kick one more time. But unlike earlier, Raquel knew it was coming. Raquel caught Dakota’s boot, hoisted her into the air, and hit a one-armed powerbomb from the top rope for the W and a trip to the pay window.

Like I said, that pretty big moment from the beginning served as a bookend for this championship match. Dakota, the teacher, caught her student by surprise earlier. As the fight went on, the student learned and finally smartened up. Raquel took advantage of Dakota’s arrogance, sentencing her to Robin-status from now until infinity.

Just when it looked like it was safe for Raquel to savor her victory and chill, out came freaking Kay Lee Ray.

I believe it was Street Fighter that said it best: here comes a new challenger.

I watched a lot of Toonami as a kid. Mostly for Dragon Ball Z. Yes, I’m sorry anime fans, my anime choices are basic as hell, but I am what I am. WALTER x Ilja Dragunov reminded me of Freiza battling Goku. WALTER, the undisputed NXT UK Champion playing the role of Freiza, and Dragunov, the challenger, assuming the role of the noble Saiyan. WALTER, like Freiza, dished out so much damn punishment. He was relentless. Forearms, clotheslines, German Suplexes—and other foreign language suplexes—haymakers, and of course, chops. Because, duh.

The question wasn’t whether Dragunov could take a beating because we all know he can. There’s staples on his forehead that attest to that. The question was how long can Ilja withstand the punishment. The key to beating WALTER, just like Freiza, is outlasting him. He’s going to demolish you and run through you like a battering ram. If you can manage that pain, and inflict your own, you may have a shot.

Dragunov, in the most striking moment for yours truly, bit his own finger while in a submission as a way to transfer the pain and tolerate the hold. That is devotion and a sign of a cat willing to do whatever it takes for the three-count. Like Goku, Dragunov grew stronger as the clock ticked forward. He got up after every toss, punched back after every jab, and just kept coming. And the more he pushed, the more frustrated WALTER grew.

Every fight between Goku and Freiza reached a point where the former tapped into power he didn’t know he possessed. He normally got there because Freiza pushed him to the brink and brought the best out of him. The second WALTER hit a splash from the top rope, followed by beating the living hell out of Dragunov with rights and lefts, the CWC felt the Russian go into Super Saiyan mode.

He took WALTER’s best shot, lived to tell the tale, and found a power he never knew existed. At that point, it wasn’t about pinning the champ; Dragunov needed him to submit. He needed the admission from WALTER that he was the best. WALTER fought the sleeper hold as long as he could, but eventually, it was too much Dragunov for him to bear. The Ring General tapped out, and Ilja, in full Super Saiyan mode, stood tall over his fallen victim and celebrated with the gold.

If this is the last breath of NXT in its current iteration, that was the best curtain call possible.

Maybe it’s because they were following an NXT UK Championship match for the ages. Maybe it’s a me thing and not on them at all. But Adam Cole x Kyle O’Reilly’s Undisputed Finale left me, well, underwhelmed.

The first fall happened quicker than I expected, but I liked the idea of Cole getting undone by his ego. He had Kyle dead to rights but just had to go for another level of embarrassment to his former friend. And he paid the price. Much like another Dakota Kai earlier in the night, let’s bookmark that fatal flaw, shall we?

The street fight was...okay? Two cats barely wrapping their fi I fists in chains and phantom punching each other doesn’t do it for me and just felt artificial. Yes, even for pro wrestling, which is all about maintaining a certain level of artifice. The callbacks to their past matches or older encounters usually gets me right in the feels, but here it left me colder than Mr. Freeze in a snowstorm while sipping a milkshake.

That said, the finish to the street fight elicited an “ouch” and I have no clue how Kyle is walking after getting thrown onto the backs of two chairs. It was a nice transition to the cage match, which looked like a forgone conclusion. Until it wasn’t.

Remember when we bookmarked Adam’s ego?

2️⃣-1️⃣@KORcombat gets the submission victory against @AdamColePro while HANDCUFFED to the #SteelCage!#NXTTakeOver pic.twitter.com/g1VZOVGena

Cole, once again in the pole position, decided to add insult to injury and talk his sh*t. He handcuffed Kyle to the cage, smacked him up a bit, talked a little trash, and went for one superkick too many. Kyle literally beat Cole with one arm tied behind his back as he caught the leg of a man he used to consider a brother, and locked Cole’s bum knee in a submission. A couple taps later, and Kyle O’Reilly takes the W and the crown of their three match contest.

Cole likely moves to the main roster now and forever. The end of an era indeed.

Before we get into this, it must be said that Ted Dibiase’s theme still bangs after all these years. Now, back to your regularly scheduled recap.

I didn’t expect LA Knight x Cameron Grimes to go for nearly a half hour. But I’m glad they did because these two set the bar high for the night. Grimes is crazy over with the CWC crowd, and the people love Dibiase. This was a fitting conclusion to this story, despite the fact Dibiase, one of the biggest heels of his era, believes a babyface should carry his legacy forward. He has more in common with LA Knight since I can’t imagine Cameron Grimes even thinking about doing this, much less actually going through with it. But hey, what do I know?

While hoped for Grimes to finish Knight with the Million Dollar Dream, we still got the original recipe version from Ted himself. After that and a Cave In, it was academic.

Poor Trey Baxter. He started this with all the energy of a kid running into a brick wall. That brick wall, in this case, was Ridge Holland. Short, sour, and to the point. Thatcher got angrier the longer the match went and it wasn’t long at all. The longer he waits for an answer from Timothy Thatcher, the more he plans to make light work of the roster.

While I’m not crazy about the last two matches, everything else on this show ranged from good to great. WALTER and Ilja Dragunov did the damn thing to the fullest extent of wrestling law, putting the last four wrestlers in precarious positions. Imagine following that. Dakota Kai and Raquel González made their underwhelming story into a compelling match, while Grimes x LA Knight was a lot of fun and old-school wrestling at its finest.

If this is indeed the end of NXT as we know it, then it ended on a good note, if not a very high one. Still, we got a good show to close out a monumental wrestling weekend. No matter what, that’s always something to smile about. And while you’re here, show some love to Claire for her live blogging, which is dope as per usual.

That’s my grade and I’m sticking to it. What say you?

Video: Karrion Kross Sports New Gear On RAW

PWMania 24 August, 2021 - 04:55am

Karrion Kross returned to the ring on last night’s post-SummerSlam edition of RAW from San Diego, one night after losing the WWE NXT Title to Samoa Joe at Takeover 36.

Last night’s RAW saw Kross squash Ricochet in a fairly quick match. Ricochet had some offense but Kross dominated and quickly put him away with the Doomsday suplex and the Kross Jacket submission. It looks like the suplex is no longer being called the Doomsday Saito suplex, just the Doomsday suplex.

The biggest news coming out of the match is how Kross came to the ring wearing a new gladiator mask. He removed the mask before the bell rang, but he’s also wearing new in-ring attire to go with the gladiator mask. You can see the new looks below.

Stay tuned for more on Kross. Below are a few shots of his new attire and last night’s easy win over Kross:

— WWE (@WWE) August 24, 2021

The dangerous @WWEKarrionKross battles @KingRicochet right now on #WWERaw! pic.twitter.com/4WzvM7JZ2y

— WWE (@WWE) August 24, 2021

He is here to make @KingRicochet fall and pray.#WWERaw @WWEKarrionKross pic.twitter.com/4ARAEQ2J8O

— WWE (@WWE) August 24, 2021

.@WWEKarrionKross looks to crush @KingRicochet on #WWERaw! pic.twitter.com/pljij8bDjr

— WWE (@WWE) August 24, 2021

The sinister @WWEKarrionKross takes out @KingRicochet on #WWERaw! pic.twitter.com/EWhiN1foe7

— WWE (@WWE) August 24, 2021

What Is This #WWERaw It’s @WWEKarrionKross pic.twitter.com/oBOjRTLoIx

— 25 Years Old Man (@CokerAyokunle) August 24, 2021

Karrion Kross debuts a new look on Raw

Cageside Seats 23 August, 2021 - 08:17pm

To that end, he showed up on this week’s episode with a new look:

. ⌛️@WWEKarrionKross goes one-on-one with @KingRicochet NEXT on #WWERaw! pic.twitter.com/o2Qx3sZeBn

Who needs Scarlett when you can dress up as a Dollar Store Super Shredder? That is 100-percent a costume his mom bought him because she didn’t see the sense in paying the outrageous price for the real thing.

Here he is in action against Ricochet, his opponent on this fine evening:

He is here to make @KingRicochet fall and pray.#WWERaw @WWEKarrionKross pic.twitter.com/4ARAEQ2J8O

Basically the same look as before, just with the straps.

Kross won the match, of course, and he has officially arrived. He’s now a full blown character, instead of just being, you know, a wrestler.

Get complete Raw results and coverage of this week’s show right here.

NXT TakeOver 36: Top 3 moments from Sunday’s show

Daily DDT 23 August, 2021 - 02:00pm

On a night that was headlined by Samoa Joe facing off against Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship, we witnessed a lot of memorable moments at NXT TakeOver 36. Overall, the show was fantastic from top to bottom and won the weekend against SummerSlam.

Tonight’s show had many excellent moments. It was hard coming up with just three. With that said, Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole shouldn’t be left out. The former Undisputed Era stablemates left it all out in that ring tonight. The two men had a two-out-of-three falls match which ended with O’Reilly being victorious to end “The Undisputed Finale.”

Sunday’s show featured Raquel Gonzalez defending her NXT Women’s Championship against her former best friend, Dakota Kai. The match was a terrific, back-and-forth bout. Ultimately, it ended with Raquel Gonzalez retaining her Women’s Championship, but it wasn’t over there.

As soon as the match ended, Kay Lee Ray’s music hit, and out she came to make her presence known. Ray is a former NXT UK Women’s Champion and is going to be a very valuable asset on the roster. She clearly wants Raquel Gonzalez and that Women’s Championship.

The main event of the show saw Samoa Joe take on Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship. This was another great back-and-forth, hard-hitting match. Leading up to this point, we knew this match was going to happen. Samoa Joe and Karrion Kross were on a collision course up until this point.

When Joe returned to NXT a few months ago, they teased a Kross match right off the bat. We got that tonight, and it certainly delivered. Joe reclaimed the NXT Championship and is now on the top of the mountain once again. This means Kross will now probably be moving to Raw full-time… Sorry, Kross.

Ilja Dragunov took on WALTER for the NXT UK Championship on this show. To say it was the match of the night is an understatement. In fact, Dragonuv and WALTER put on what many are calling a match of the year. Ilja Dragonuv took a beating and kept coming back against WALTER’s hard-hitting offense.

This match had everything. It had the drama, the hard-hitting action, and the story-telling. It was one of the best matches in recent memory. The match ended and we have a new champion in Dragonuv. This was easily the best match on the card and I highly suggest you check it out if you haven’t yet.

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Young Bucks Tease Adam Cole's Move To AEW

GameRant 23 August, 2021 - 12:51pm

It was previously reported that Cole's WWE contract was expiring and that he had agreed to sign a short extension through NXT TakeOver 36. With no further news about Cole's contract status, it seems he may be done with WWE.

The current AEW World Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks, often use their Twitter account to tease big news and this time it may be their reunion with Cole. Following Cole's 2-out-of-3 falls match against Kyle O'Reilly at TakeOver 36, The Young Bucks tweeted for fans to check out their new Twitter bio. There, fans will find a link to a YouTube clip titled "The Most Infamous Seances in History." The seance is a very subtle reference to Cole. The Young Bucks star alongside Kenny Omega on their YouTube channel "Being The Elite," where fans can watch their adventures both inside and outside of the ring. The channel features a number of faces that are familiar to wrestling fans, especially those who are under contract with AEW. Cole was a featured star on the channel in 2017 prior to signing with WWE. Following his signing, he was "killed off" of the series and could not make any further appearances.

Episode 54 "A Curtain Call" of the channel features Omega's plot to poison Cole in order to write him off of future episodes. Following the rivalry the channel was building between Cole, Omega, and The Young Bucks, it was a fitting and comedic conclusion. With the Young Bucks' seance reference, it seems they may be attempting to get in contact with the Cole they've killed on their channel.

Following Cole's match with O'Reilly where Cole only won the second fall, many fans began to question what the loss may mean for Cole going forward. If Cole has not signed an extension, it could mean that he is being prepared for the main roster debut on either RAW or Smackdown. With a number of former WWE talent already having made the switch to AEW, Cole may be the newest one to join the roster.

Prior to CM Punk's return to the ring at AEW Rampage, his appearance had been teased online and on-air for weeks. The Young Bucks' tweet referencing their YouTube channel is subtle, but for long-term fans, it suggests they may not have to go long without seeing Adam Cole in the squared circle.

Source: Young Bucks

Adam Cole Reportedly Done With NXT, Britt Baker Reacts To TakeOver

Still Real To Us 23 August, 2021 - 03:16am

Fightful Select is also reporting that as of Sunday morning Adam Cole had not signed a new contract past the extension he signed in July which kept him with the company through SummerSlam weekend.

Cole’s contract is set to expire soon, and there’s no word on whether or not he has signed a new deal. It was reported weeks ago that pitches were made for him to join Raw or SmackDown if he signed a new deal.

It’s been speculated that Adam Cole could be joining Britt Baker in All Elite Wrestling, and Baker reacted to his TakeOver match on Sunday when she posted the following:

“BAY [down pointing backhand index emoji] BAY [down pointing backhand index emoji]”

— Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (@RealBrittBaker) August 23, 2021

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