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Wrestling Inc. 17 July, 2021 - 02:56pm 7 views

Who won the Fatal 4 Way on Smackdown?

WWE SmackDown Results: Seth Rollins Wins Fatal 4-Way Ahead of Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Finn Balor Returns. News18WWE SmackDown Results: Seth Rollins Wins Fatal 4-Way Ahead of Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Finn Balor R

Did Edge beat Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank?

Roman Reigns beat Edge at Money in the Bank on Sunday night to retain the Universal Championship. ... The Tribal Chief went on to win that match by hitting both Edge and Bryan with a Conchairto, stacking them on top of each other and pinning them at the same time to close Night 2 of WrestleMania. yahoo.comRoman Reigns Beats Edge, Retains Universal Title at 2021 WWE Money in the Bank

Wrestling fans starved for the cheers, howls and boos that only a live audience can bring got their money’s worth last night on Fox’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

For the first time in more than a year, the show was held in front of a live audience, and they delighted in letting their heroes and villians know how they felt. The SmackDown was in Houston for the evening, and the event kicked off a 25-city tour.

The SmackDown scored big with the home TV audience as well, pulling down an 0.6 in demos to easily win the night for Fox.

At CBS, Secret Celebrity Renovations came in with an 0.3, as In The Heights actor and singer Anthony Ramos honored the drama teacher who first recognized his potential. It also had the night’s largest gross audience with 2.67 million tuning in.

But the lead-in failed to hold the audience for the trailing Love Island, which ticked down to an 0.2. A Blue Bloods rerun ended the Eye Network’s evening.

At NBC, an American Ninja Warrior rerun hurt the Dateline 10 PM segment, as it dropped to an 0.3 for its examination of a Chicago nightclub owner’s slaying.

ABC’s fare on the night was a rerun of newsmag 20/20.

The CW saw Charmed pull a 01, showing some growth. But Dynasty continues to draw a friends-and-family-only size audience, limping in with an 0.0 in demos.

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WWE Might Use CorbinFund.com To Offer Interesting Corbin Character Twist

TheSportster 19 July, 2021 - 03:10am

Friday's SmackDown put a wrench in those theories.

With the introduction of the CorbinFund.com website -- a site introduced by Corbin to ask fans to help him get back on his feet by donating to his cause -- WWE turned Corbin's personal "catastrophe" into the potential for a full-fledged heel storyline. What could be more 'bad guy' than stealing from the fans?

While the website is live, you can't actually donate to it. That means there's no scenario where fans will actually lose their hard-earned money. Still, WWE can play this up, and at a time where the financial well-being of fans around the world should be a big concern for WWE.

The pandemic has been hard on a lot of people. As WWE goes back on the road and the WWE Universe starts to use their money to buy tickets to shows, wouldn't it be something if Corbin was faking the part of a homeless down-on-his luck charity case, only to never have lost anything at all? It would be an incredible swerve that WWE seemed to hint at with Corbin's segment alongside Kevin Owens.

Up until Friday, there was no sign Corbin was doing anything but feeling sorry for himself. It really looked like he was losing everything. Neither WWE, nor Corbin had tipped their hand as to where this character was going to go... that is, until he poked fun at Owens during their promo and started talking about all the first-world problems he was having because of his financial woes.

This was the first sign he wasn't dumping his heelish ways.

The smart play here might be to actually try and get fans to feel for Corbin. Don't hint that he's still a jerk. Make the WWE Universe understand that he's really in rough shape. Then, as soon as they begin to want him to turn things around, then you hit the crowd with the news he's been faking this the entire time.

It would be the most entertaining punch in the gut meant to make us hate one of the most dislikeable stars in WWE.

WWE Might Be Pushing Finn Balor Straight Towards Roman Reigns [Theory]

TheSportster 17 July, 2021 - 09:53pm

Balor made his return to the main roster this past Friday for the first weekly show in front of live fans. As expected, the crowd popped huge. While his appearance came during a Sami Zayn tirade and perhaps hinted at Balor being involved in a mid-card storyline, don't expect him to stay there long.

Balor should be primed for a push directly to the top of the SmackDown totem pole as he's one of the few stars that can provide a believable opponent for Reigns on the blue brand. Balor returned as a babyface, he's dominated NXT for the past year, there are few main event stars left who can give Reigns a run for his money and Balor is an adversary that "could" take the title from around The Tribal Chief's waist.

If you look at the SmackDown roster, it's rather devoid of big-name stars that haven't already had a run at Reigns. Edge is working a program with Reigns now, and there's talk that John Cena is next -- as Edge moves on to fight Seth Rollins -- but Cena isn't primed to stick around long. As he leaves, WWE will need someone to step in.

WWE fans are craving for a correction to how creative has treated NXT call-ups in the past. While Balor is a bit different (he's been here before), the WWE Universe seems collectively concerned Balor will be stuck in a bad feud with no real push. They'll argue he'd have been better off staying in NXT.

This is WWE's chance to get it right. Balor doesn't need to win. That said, he needs to look strong on the way up and give Reigns the fight of his life.

There are a lot of excellent reasons to push Balor to the moon here. There's also good reason to believe WWE will do just that.


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