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What time does apex update?

Anywhere from 12-3PM EST. reddit.comWhat time do the updates usually release?

As this excellent walkthrough video by Modern Vintage Gamer explains, some recent breakthroughs for the Xenia emulator have a whole lot of Xbox 360 games running in presentable states on the PC, from the big (Red Dead, Halo Reach) to the not-so-big.

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Apex Legends: All Valkyrie Legendary & Epic skins 03 May, 2021 - 03:34pm

Apex Legends Legacy is hovering around the corner, along with Valkyrie. Let’s check out the Apex Legends Valkyrie skins she will be destroying enemies in.

Valkyrie and the Legacy update are hands down the most hyped and exciting season Respawn Entertainment has created out of all the Legends released into Apex Legends.

Along with Infested Olympus, the Bocek Bow, and the Arena, players will also get to fly around as Valkyrie, raining Cluster Missiles on enemies from above. The recently released character gameplay trailer for the character steeped in Titanfall lore showed the pilot raining missiles from above and helping her teammates take to the skies in what should be one of the more exciting character kits added to the high-profile battle royale.

Let’s take a look at the skins you or your enemies will be taking off in when they are using the latest character to join the roster of Respawn Entertainment’s fan-favorite first-person shooter.

Valkyrie’s Epic skins feature the same colors as any other Legend but don’t they look great in her repurposed Northstar Titan outfit customized by Rampart.

Valkyrie will also be dropping with a launch bundle skin where she will be suited up in her father’s helmet and Northstar Titan colors, which players can purchase for 4,850 Apex Coins, or 3,000 if you purchase Valk with Legend Tokens.

That’s all of Valkyrie’s Epic and Legendary skins, players will be able to download the update from 10 am PST (5 pm GMT) on May 4th.

For more on Apex Legends, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL where we will be covering all of the content coming in Legacy. Check out our article on the Season 9 Battle Pass for more on Apex Legends.

Season 9 of Apex Legends is right around the corner, so here is the Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy update release time when you’ll be able to jump in.

Season 8 of Apex Legends brought plenty of exciting changes to the battle royale game, and Season 9: Legacy is set to continue this trend with an array of highly anticipated additions and changes, such as the new Arenas game mode.

Here’s everything we know about when Apex Legends Season 9 will start, and the Legacy update time will kick off all of the action.

May 4, 2021, is when the start of Apex Legends Season 9 will be taking place, so players currently have less than a day to finish up the current Battle Pass before they can start earning everything that the new Battle Pass will be offering.

Apex Legends Seasons usually last around three months, so players will have plenty of time to enjoy everything this new period of content will provide.

Seasons have been delayed in the past, and Season 7 was actually released a week early. However, barring any last-minute changes, May 4, 2021, is when Season 9 will officially start.

Now, Respawn Entertainment has not officially announced the Apex Legends update time for Season 9: Legacy. However, based upon the update release time for previous seasons, it is likely to occur at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST/ 6 PM BST on May 4, 2021, barring any delays from Respawn Entertainment.

Players will have many things to experience when the Apex Legends update time for Season 9: Legacy officially begins.

Aside from the various changes that Respawn Entertainment made in the new season’s patch notes, there will be a new Bocek Bow weapon and Infested Olympus map that players will enjoy when playing as the newest character for the battle royale, Valkyrie.

Valkyrie has deep roots in Titanfall lore and promises on Respawn’s tease ahead of the Apex Legends update time for Season 9: Legacy that plenty of Titanfall content will be coming to the battle royale during the latest injection of new content for the first-person shooter.

Respawn Entertainment released the full patch notes for the Legacy update, but how is the Apex Legends Fuse buff the character got going to fare?

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy is just around the corner, as Respawn Entertainment recently revealed the Battle Pass trailer and lifted the embargo on all the content playtesters got to witness.

Not only have we got new gameplay of Valkyrie, the new Season 9 Legend, but we have also been lucky enough to see the new Arena mode through various content creators. Further, Respawn also revealed the full patch notes for Legacy, containing some interesting Legend changes.

During a Reddit discussion on the Chaos Theory update back in March 2021, Apex Legends developer Daniel Klein commented on how Fuse was being received by the community and what the developers thought of the reaction.

Daniel Klein revealed that Fuse had the lowest win rate out of all the Legends in the game, even lower than Rampart, renowned in the community for being the worst Legend.

Klein stated that Fuse “didn’t come in super strong like we wanted,” suggesting that the developers wanted Fuse to be much higher up in the win rate data. It seems the developers are also aware of how strong mobility is in the game, and perhaps this is the main reason why Fuse has a lower pick and win rate.

Either way, Daniel Klein says they “have some plans for him,” which seem to be taking place in the upcoming Season 9: Legacy update.

The community was recently gifted the patch notes for the upcoming season, which presented the plans Respawn Entertainment has for Fuse.

After the update, Fuse will gain an extra Knuckle Cluster, having two at his disposal. This could potentially make Fuse more viable. Although the Knuckle Cluster only does 30 damage, they have the potential to disorientate the enemy, prevent enemies from camping, and destroy doors.

Further, Fuse’s Knuckle Clusters will also gain reduced cooldown time from 25 seconds to 20. This could also help make Fuse’s kit more effective, as being able to shoot two Knuckle Clusters every 20 seconds could really disrupt enemies, especially as you can shoot them from very long range.

This buff is effectively like Fuse having two grenades. Although they do less damage, they can still cause harm. Having these two Knuckle Clusters on top of his already present passive to stack Ordnances, Fuse could become the explosive king, chucking Knuckle Clusters and grenades from as far away as he likes.

Moreover, Fuse will now have two Knuckle Clusters means players will be less inclined to pick up more throwables, which means more space in Fuse’s backpack. For those end-game situations where you wish you had a grenade, Fuse will have you covered.

On the other hand, this is a minimal change and nothing that could actually bring Fuse on the level of stronger offensive Legends such as Wraith, Octane, and Horizon.

However, the dev note underneath this Fuse update does suggest that more changes will be coming to Fuse slowly but surely, as they don’t want him to become “the Legend that kills you with his abilities.”

For more on Apex Legends, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on the best settings for high FPS in Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment have officially revealed the trailer for the Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy Battle Pass, lets get into it.

Apex Legends Legacy is said to be the biggest update coming to the game since release, with not only your seasonal meta changes, bug fixes, and new Legend, but also the Arena, a new way to play Apex Legends with exclusive maps at launch.

On top of all this, we will also be getting a fresh Battle Pass, with a heap of new items, including Legend and weapon skins, charms, Apex packs, Apex Coins, and even newly added third-person standing emotes.

Last week, the Apex Legends developers released the patch notes for Season 9: Legacy, showcasing all of the changes coming to the game. Before the patch notes, fans also received some great trailers showing off the new Legend Valkyrie, the Arena, and even some sneaky Battle Pass content.

If you haven’t yet finished the Season 8 Battle Pass, you have until May 4th, 10 am PST (5 pm GMT), to work your way to level 110, where you will receive the “Blinding Light” Legendary Longbow skin.

If you don’t have nearly enough time to complete it, don’t worry, as the Season 9: Legacy Battle Pass is set to have some incredible loot.

Here’s the run-down for all the content in the upcoming Season 9: Legacy Battle Pass:

With over 100 rewards, the Premium Apex Legends Battle Pass is worth 950 Apex Coins. If you wish to purchase the Premium with an extra 25 tiers through the Battle Pass Bundle, it will cost 2,800 Apex Coins.

If you could complete Season 8’s Apex Legends Battle Pass, you should have enough Apex Coins from the rewards to purchase the Season 9: Legacy one, unless you spent them all on Apex Packs!

There are also free rewards all players can earn without purchasing the Premium Apex Legends Battle Pass. These rewards include:

That’s all on the Apex Legends Legacy Battle Pass. For more, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on some of the best third-person emotes revealed by playtesters.

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