Android 12 would allow apps to go into hibernation to free up space


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The first beta version for developers of Android 12 (Google's mobile operating system), which will be launched in approximately a month, would incorporate a new function that would allow applications that are not in use to be hibernated in order to free up space on the cell phone .

This means that it would automatically pause or deactivate platforms that are consuming resources in the background. In this way, by not running it prevents them from consuming computer resources unnecessarily.

This novelty was made known through some posts by a user in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It should be noted that it is still not known with certainty if this tool will reach Android 12, for now it is known that it exists and is considered as a possibility.

As identified in the code, the hibernate function will automatically clear the application cache files. The amount of storage that will be freed depends on the application in question, here it should be remembered that video transmission and messaging applications can cache hundreds of megabytes of data.

On the other hand, in the disseminated document it is highlighted that in a Comment, Google developers hint at more potential storage savings through "package-level hibernation . " This could refer to compressing the application and its resources or other actions to reduce the space occupied by the installation of an application



The new version of the operating system is expected to include improvements in privacy and security , as well as modifications at the aesthetic level such as in the design of the icons. It is common for these optimizations to come from the hand of updates as well as other tools to facilitate the management or performance of the team.

It is possible that the first beta versions of Android 12 will be released in February. It should be remembered that these first trial versions are available exclusively for developers.

In May the company usually makes the public announcement of its new operating system and by June it usually releases the first public betas , that is, the trial versions available to users who In addition to signing up for this program, have a compatible computer to download that edition. The final version usually arrives in September and users receive it according to the type and model of equipment they have.

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