Apple prepares a virtual reality headset for next year


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Apple plans to launch a virtual reality headset in 2022, Bloomberg reports. It would be a device designed to play, communicate and interact with the lathe in different ways. It could also include other options. It should be recalled that the computer giant acquired a company called NextVR, which recorded events such as concerts and sports games in virtual reality.

The helmet would be a premium and niche gadget. Apparently Apple does not plan to sell this device massively, but would serve as the preview of the launch of its augmented reality glasses that would be launched a year after this helmet.

Apple plans to include some of its most advanced chips in the helmet It would also integrate a high-resolution screen, higher than those used by current virtual reality equipment.

It is estimated that Apple's case will be much more expensive than those of its rivals, which cost between 300 and 900 dollars. “Some Apple experts believe that the company can sell only one helmet per day per retail store. Apple has approximately 500 stores, so in that scenario, annual sales would be just over 180,000 units, excluding other sales channels. That would put it on par with Apple's other expensive products, like the $ 5,999 Mac Pro desktop computer, ″ says Mark Gurman in his article for Bloomberg .

Thinking of visually impaired users who wear glasses, the The company developed a system that allows this type of prescription lens to be inserted on the helmet's virtual reality screen.

The device is designed to work independently, with a battery. That is, it would not be necessary to connect it to the computer or the wall. In this sense, it is similar to Facebook's augmented reality product. There are others that do need to be plugged in to operate.

The case, which was internally baptized with the name N301, is in an advanced prototype stage, but it has not yet been completed, which could lead to changes in the project. While the augmented reality glasses, whose internal name is N421, are in an initial stage with which they would not reach the market before 2023, at least that is the date that people close to the project had previously anticipated.

Another point interesting is that the helmets include external cameras to enable some augmented reality functions as well. In other words, although it is mainly intended for virtual reality, it would also offer some AR tools. In this sense, the note highlights that the company is testing the use of cameras for manual tracking and is working on a function in which a user can virtually write a text in the air

Foldable iPhone

A few days ago It was learned that Apple began work on an iPhone with a folding screen, a potential rival to similar devices from Samsung and others, although for this year, it only plans minor changes for the iPhone line.

The Cupertino, California-based company, has developed folding display prototypes for internal testing. The development work did not expand beyond a screen, which means that Apple does not yet have full phone prototypes in its labs.

has internally discussed a number of folding screen sizes, including one that unfolds to a similar size. to the 6.7-inch screen on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Today's flip phones have 6-inch and 8-inch flip-out screens

prototypes have a nearly invisible hinge with electronic devices located behind the screen. This is what is known so far. There is still no indication of when the company would launch a phone with these characteristics.

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