"Cha cha Slide", the new trick hidden in Google's search engine


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Google often hides surprises or "Easter Eggs" in its search engine. Sometimes they are games, a riddles o other options that allow you to interact with the search engine in a new way. On this occasion, and in reference to the 20 years that fulfilled the famous Song "Cha Cha Slide" , Google incorporated an option that allows make the search engine to the rhythm of this theme of the year 2000.

If you put the name of the song "Cha Cha Slide" in the Google search engine, a YouTube video will appear along with the lyrics and icon of a microphone next to it. If the microphone is pressed, the letter slides right and then to the left. Then a succession of icons are pressed and the search engine does different pirouettes.

In this way, the seeker is "danced" to the rhythm of this song by the American artist DJ Casper, also known as Mr. C The Slide Man. The song was released as a single in August 2000, and spent five weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at number 83. It was a real hit back then and so it was that, in the month of its anniversary, Google released this surprise in its search engine.

The original video for Mr. C's song "Cha Cha slide" The Slide Man

Ther surprises hidden in the search engine

The Wizard of Oz

When you enter "Wizard of Oz" in the search engine you will see that, along with all the search results, red shoes will appear next to the fact box that appears in the right margin of the page.

If you press on the shoes you will hear "No place like home" and you will see that the search engine makes a 360 degree turn. After the turn, everything will be seen in black and white and in the place of the shoes will appear a steer tornado, in clear reference to the plot of the story. This trick has been in effect since August 2019, which was when the 80th year of the film's release turned 80.

When you press on the red shoes the seeker makes a turn and the shoes are replaced by the tornado.

The characters from the Friends series

If the characters of the famous Friends series are written you can also find hidden surprises. So, for example, when you type Chandler Bing's name, an armchair icon appears in the featured information box next to his name, and when you press it, they squeeze a chicken and a duck alluding to episodes of the show.

Chandler Bing, Friends character, on Google


This term refers to a celebration that the December 23th makes the family of George Costanza, a character from the series Seinfeld. When you write Festivus In the search engine appears information about this custom in the box with information in the knowledge panel and also appears the icon of this celebration: a post uncorned in the left margin.


As mentioned above, some of the surprises that the search engine hides are games. To activate them, simply type their names in the search engine and a digital version of the game will immediately appear to be able to start playing.

Below are the names that can be typed in the search engine. In some cases they are only activated if you type the name in English, in other cases, you can also type the name in Spanish.

By typing Pa-Man in the search engine you can play this mythical game.

Zerg rush


Tic Tac Toe

Play snake



To search for fun information or curiosities you can write in the search engine Fun facts/ I'm feeling curious

To achieve changes to the search engine results page

Do a barrel roll: When writing this order, the search engine will make a 360-degree turn.

Askew: when typing this term the search engine will appear tilted, in fact "askew" means "twisted or slanted"


How to play Pac-Man from Google Search

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