Cyberpunk 2077: so you can request a refund of your digital or physical copy


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The controversy to be an intrinsic element of Cyberpunk 2077 , the video game developed by CD Projekt Red that annoyed players by the glitches and errors that were found in the final versions for PS4 and Xbox One . Faced with complaints from users, Sony and Microsoft decided to withdraw the title from their stores and offer refunds to buyers.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), through a statement, announced that they would give full refunds to all players who have purchased Cyberpunk 2077 through the PlayStation Store , in addition to withdrawing this video game from the platform "until further notice."

For its part, Microsoft did the same through a publication on social networks, where they commented on the expansion of their existing refund policy , so that users who purchased the title from the Microsoft Store could get their money from a new account.

In their case, they noted that CD Projekt Red has worked very hard on this video game under “circumstances extremely challenging, ” but acknowledged the discontent on the part of Xbox One gamers, who have had a different experience than those with a c New generation onsole , whose capacities are greater.

A first recommendation before carrying out the reimbursement process is to consider waiting a little . CD Projekt Red has mentioned that in the coming months the game will receive updates from which some of the problems that arose in the game can be solved.

However, if the user's desire is to have their money again , these are some of the steps to be carried out

In the official Playstation store , the process begins with a refund request on the customer service page that Sony has enabled for this purpose. There you must fill out a form where the purchase will be detailed in addition to the problems that the video game has had. After this, the refund would take after a few days.

Regarding Xbox , the process will be based on entering your page and logging in with the same user who made the purchase. Then you will go to the section where the last purchases are found and there you must press the game in question, as well as the button "Request a refund".

Regarding physical copies , the process is extremely complicated, but not impossible, as only some retail stores around the world have mentioned that they will accept returns.

However, those responsible for the title, CD Projekt Red , published a message on their social networks where they mentioned that they could send them an email and, if necessary, the study will will be responsible for returning the money. The address to which you should send your request is before December 21.

CD Projekt Red has spoken out repeatedly since the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 , apologizing for not being honest with PlayStation players 4 and Xbox One , as well as for having dismissed the level of problems that complicate the status of the title on past-generation consoles.

It should be remembered that prior to launch, the company sent the title with early access to select media around the world in its PC version: the one that offers, despite its bugs, the experience closest to the vision of its creators .

The main consequences of this failure have been seen by the Polish developer in economic terms, since after a few days of its official launch and that the complaints flooded the internet , their actions have plummeted .

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