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Google Photos has announced a change in its storage policy of unlimited in high quality, whereby as of June 2021 users will exceed the 15 gigabytes (GB) of limit offered by the Google account must have a subscription in Google One. The technology company ensures that it seeks to combine the improvement of the service it offers with Photos and the growing demand of users.

This change means that As of June 1, 2021, users will only have a maximum of 15 GB of free storage -the one offered by the Google account and which is distributed among the company's services-, and those who exceed this limit, must extend the capacity of an account in Google One.

Google One is a subscription service that extends the cloud storage service of the company's services. Like the basic account storage, this service also covers the other products of the company, in such a way that the extension made by the user will be used for Photos, but also for Gmail or Drive. However, there will be some exceptions. For example, high-quality photos or videos that users have uploaded before the deadline "will not count in the 15 GB storage" and, therefore, "will be considered free and exempt from the storage limit," reports Google in his blog.

The changes will not affect the photos and videos that the user uploads in original quality, since "they will continue to count in the 15 GB of free storage in the Google account," the company clarifies. High-quality files that Pixel phone users save in Photos will be an exception. The company will notify users by means of a notification sent to the app and to the Gmail email if they are approaching the free storage limit.

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