Google Cloud introduced virtual machines that encrypt data while it is being processed


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Google presented its confidential virtual machines at the Google Cloud Next virtual event.

Google Cloud, the Google from cloud services to enterprises, made two big announcements: on the one hand it presented its new sensitive virtual machines, capable of encrypting data while in use, and on the other hand unveiled BigQuery Omni, a tool that allows you to analyze data on cloud platforms from different providers.

These innovations were unveiled as part of the Next On Air '20 event, the digital version of Google Cloud Next, one of the largest of the year organized by the computer giant in San Francisco, but this time it was made exclusively in virtual format.

Sometic virtual machines

Confidential Computing is a technology that encrypts the data in use while it is being processed. These environments keep data encrypted both in memory and elsewhere outside the CPU.

The confidential virtual machines, Confidential VMs are the first Confidential Computing product in Google Cloud. These machines constitute a new confidential computing platform for companies to use in the management of their data. Based on the architecture of second-generation AMD Epyc processors, this system offers a higher level of security and isolation while providing greater innovation and performance options, with a system that allows data to be used securely even while it is being processed, as explained from the company.

Google Cloud already employs a variety of isolation or sandboxing techniques (process isolation system used as a security measure) as part of its cloud infrastructure. Confidential VMs, now in beta, take this concept to the next level as it provides encrypted memory so customers can further isolate workloads in the cloud.

"Customers in all industries are navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance and cloud privacy, especially in industries such as financial services companies, healthcare companies, and government agencies," said Sunil Potti, general manager and vice president of Security at Google Cloud. He added: "These companies want to adopt the latest technologies in the cloud, but strict data privacy or compliance requirements are often barriers. Confidential VMs will help us better serve customers in these industries, so they can safely leverage cloud innovation while simplifying security operations."

BigQuery Omni, a solution for analyzing data from different cloud platforms

BigQuery Omni is a multi-cloud analytics solution that allows customers to connect directly to their data through Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure for analysis without having to move or copy datasets. Through a single interface, customers will be able to analyze data in the region where it is stored, providing a unified analytical experience.

80 percent of companies use more than one cloud service provider, according to Gartner. Hence the importance of having a multi-cloud solution like Omni that allows you to analyze the data that is hosted by other services. Based on Google's Anthos application platform, this solution enables a consistent experience with greater flexibility, regardless of the provider chosen by the company.

"For customers, moving data through different clouds is cumbersome and costly. To address this, we continue to invest in multi-cloud in an effort to democratize access to the best technologies for our customers, no matter what cloud provider they are using today," said Debanjan Saha, general manager and vice president of Engineering at Google Cloud.

He added: "BigQuery Omni gives businesses the openness and portability they need to break silos and create actionable business insights—all without having to pay expensive exit fees to move data from other vendors to Google Cloud."

BigQuery Omni is now available in Private Alpha for AWS S3, and will be coming soon to Azure. BigQuery Omni supports Avro, CSV, JSON, ORC, and Parquet. Those interested in trying BigQuery Omni can complete this form.

According to the Statista digital market statistics portal, Amazon (AWS) remains the major dominator of cloud services with a global share of 33% , followed by Azure with 18% and Google Cloud with 8%.

In total, the industry, which also has other vendors such as IBM, Alibaba, Salesforce, and Oracle, entered $96 billion in 2019, and the use of the cloud, which has already been growing at a good pace in recent years, has accelerated further as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of remote labor around the world.

In google's specific case, Cloud-derived turnover grew in the first three months of 2020 by 52% compared to the same period last year and reached $2.777 billion, a figure expected to be even higher when the company files its April, May, and June accounts later this month.


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