Google One will allow all users to back up their cell phones for free


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Google One added new features.

Google One, the cloud storage service that Google launched in 2018, will now back up cellulars with iOS or Android for free with your Google account.

The iOS app will be able to back up photos, videos, contacts and calendar events, loograting manage from one place what services such as Google Photos and Google Drive offer.

A turn, the Android app, which could already back up a variety of files from mobile, will now offer backups without a Google One.

"To provide this peace of mind to more people, we're making some Google One features (phone backup and a new storage management tool) free for Google users where Google One is available. You can back up your devices and clean your files in Google Photos, Google Drive and Gmail, all in the new Google One app for Android and iOS", is mentioned in the statement released by the company.

A new storage manager was added in the Google One app and on the web.

The automatic mobile backup will be available on Android phones, even if the user does not have a Google One. And in the case of iPhone users, a new app for iOS that allows you to store photos, videos, contacts and calendar events with Google, as mentioned above.

You get 15 GB of storage for free with your personal Google account (new features do not support G Suite accounts). In turn, Google offers subscription plans starting with USD 1.99 per month per 100 GB of storage. New features will arrive on Android in the coming days and the new iOS app will be released soon.

New way to organize storage space

To be able to easily manage and clean files in Drive, Gmail and Photos a new tool to manage storage in the Google One app and on the web. That way you find a simpler way to visualize how you use storage and free up space. All in one place,

what is Google One

Google Drive's paid subscription became Google One in August 2018. But it wasn't just about a name change, it was also a new version with some extra benefits. At the time it was mentioned that those with paid subscription would not only get the extra storage benefit, but would also give users the ability to recurrie to Google's expert group, via chat, mail, call or simply by triggering a button from the Google One website.


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