How to configure the Google Assistant from your cell phone to greet you, tell you the weather or make an appointment


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The Google Assistant responds to voice commands to make many tasks easier. You can be asked to give us the time, tell us how the weather is or to make a call to a contact on the agenda. It also has other functions that allow us to create personalized routines or establish how we want the assistant to address us.

In the case of Android devices, the Google assistant is already integrated and it is enough to summon it with “Ok, Google”. In case it is not responding then you have to make sure it is enabled. To do this, enter Settings (the nut icon), click on the magnifying glass to enter the internal search engine of this menu and type "Google Assistant". Within this option, click on General and you will see that the first option is Google Assistant. If it is deactivated, you activate it by sliding the button to the right.

In the case of iPhone, those who want to use the Google Assistant can do so but for that they must download the app from the Apple Store.

Some interesting options

Choose what you call by a

nickname You can choose to have Google call you whatever you want. For that you have to enter "Assistant Settings" in the search engine (magnifying glass) in Phone Settings. There you go to the Nickname option and indicate how you want the Assistant to call you. This will be addressed to you from now on.

Activate or deactivate some settings on the phone

You can ask the wizard to activate or deactivate Wi-Fi, bluetooth or to open your account settings to change options. You can also be asked to take a photo or video, change the brightness of the screen or the volume of the device

Reminders and

calls The assistant can schedule appointments, reminders, send messages or make calls to contacts. It will suffice, as always, to say "Ok, Google" and give the corresponding command.

Maps and

location When asking "where am I?" the wizard will tell us our exact location. We may also ask you to tell us how to get around a site from there or from some other point. It is also possible to ask where the closest restaurant is located or what we need to find. A function that can be useful when we are in an area that we do not know or simply to orient ourselves better even if it is a well-known place.


routines The routines allow to automate various actions. Thus, you can choose to have the assistant respond to a voice command by performing various tasks. In this sense, it works in a similar way to the Siri shortcuts.

There are six preconfigured routines, which can be customized, that is, you can choose what to include inside or outside of that command. You can even create new routines and give them a new name and functions.

To enter this option you have to go to Wizard Settings, as mentioned above and look for the Routines option. There you will see the pre-established options: Good morning, Time to sleep, I am at home, Leaving home, transfer to work and transfer home

We enter some of the options, for example, Good morning and there we choose which tasks we want perform the wizard when we say the phrase "good morning." You may be asked, for example, to tell us what the weather will be like, read the news to us, and remind us what we have on the calendar. Those with a linked smart home will also be able to configure the system to adjust the lights, or the thermostat, for example

These steps can be followed with all other pre-configured routines. You can also create a custom routine out of those six. To do this, you have to choose the Add a routine option within the Routine menu and follow these steps:

Touch Add commands and then Add and then write the phrase you want to say to activate the routine and then OK and then Save.

You will have to specify a voice command for the routine, but it will automatically activate at the scheduled time even if you don't say the command.

Tap "Set a time and day (optional)" and then "Choose a time for this routine" . Select a schedule in "Choose the days in which it should be repeated." Select the speaker in “Choose the speaker to activate it on” .

If you want to receive a notification on the phone when the routine starts, check the corresponding box and then touch OK.

In “The Assistant will do this”, press “ Add action ”and then write what the Assistant should do (you can specify any Google Assistant command or choose from the most used actions) and then Add.

Optionally, you can enter where it says "And then start playback", and add the multimedia file you want.

That it finds a song just by humming it

One of the most recent functions that the Assistant incorporated is the possibility to find a song very easily. Suffice it to say to the assistant: what is this song? and start humming it. The system will begin to listen to what we say, process the information and offer options for musical themes that match what we sing

Games and jokes

You can ask the Assistant to tell you a joke or say "I want to play" and they will show you a menu with recreational options. These include a trivia, “the crystal ball” and a puzzle.

Clear the Google Assistant activity

The Google Assistant stores your previous activity to perform actions, and offer a more personalized experience. It is possible to eliminate this activity in different ways, for example by requesting this from the Assistant. For that you can say:

"Ok Google, delete my last conversation" .

"Ok Google, delete today's activity" .

"Hey Google, delete this week's activity" .

"Hey Google, that was not for ti ”to delete the last thing you said.

In case you want to delete all the Assistant activity, you have to go to the Assistant Activity page of your Google Account. If you haven't already. In the upper right, in the banner "Google Assistant", press More and then where it says "Delete activity by" select the option "always" and then press "Delete" .

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