How to know how much space all your photos and videos occupy in Google Photos


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To find out how much space each of your photos or videos occupy in Google Photos, enter the app, press on the letter "i" for information and a menu with data about this content will be displayed; Among them is the one that indicates the size of that material.

In case you want to know the size of all the complete content, instead of looking at the characteristics of each particular element, then you can enter the Google control panel , by clicking on , and then clicking on the option Photos.

There you will see the total number of photos and videos that are stored in Google Photos. If you want to download and know how much that content occupies, you must click on the three points and a menu of options will be displayed. You must choose "Download" and you will enter the Google Takeout service to request to download a copy of your content. You continue the indicated steps and you can download all the material to your computer. Once it has been downloaded you will be able to see the space it occupies.

It should be noted that all the photos and videos that you have stored in Google Photos in high quality do not take up storage space within this service. And this option will remain in effect until June 21, 2021 , which is when a new measure will begin to be implemented.

policy changes Google recently announced a change in its storage policy : as of June 1, 2021, all new photos and videos uploaded will consume part of the 15 GB of free storage that comes with each Google account or the additional one that has been subscribed through Google One. It should be noted that the Google account storage is shared between Drive, Gmail and Photos.

This means that all photos and videos that are stored today and those that are saved between here until June 1, 2021 in high quality will be exempt from the storage limit . This restriction will not affect users who have a Google Pixel cell phone from 1 to 5, who can continue to use unlimited storage space for their photos in high quality even after that date.

How to configure Google Photos to take advantage of storage free

Content uploaded to Google Photos in high quality is compressed to save space. If a photo is larger than 16 MP, it will be reduced to this size and the videos are compressed so that they do not exceed 1080p.

So if you want to take full advantage of the free storage that Google Photos offers until June 21 of next year, you have to make sure that you have the system configured so that the content is uploaded in high quality and not in original quality. For that you have to open, from the computer, the configuration system by going to and there select High Quality.

If you have original quality photos and want to save space from now on, then you can compress the photos and videos that you have already uploaded so that they become high quality and no longer take up storage. For that you have to enter the settings menu indicated in the previous paragraph again and choose the Recover space option .

How do I know how long the storage of my account will last when the limitation begins to apply?

Google has an oline tool so that the user can have a personalized estimate of how long its storage can last . This estimate is based on how often the user backs up photos, videos, and other content to their Google account. To access the tool, you must enter here .

What to do when the

space limitation begins to apply If you want to continue storing content and after that date you run out of space, then you can choose to subscribe to the Google One service that offers plans from USD 1.99 per month, or contract another service in the cloud. Another option is to download the content on physical discs.

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