How to record video calls on Google Meet


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This year, new security tools were added to Google Meet.

Google Meet is a video call tool that is available to all Gmail users. To access it simply press on the dotted square in the upper right margin next to the username. A menu will be displayed and there you have to choose the Meet option.

To access Google Meet, click on the dotted icon next to the username

who can record on Google Meet

If everyone can use Google Meet to make video calls, the record feature is only available in the G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise Essentials, and G Suite Enterprise for Education editions. So if you only have one personal email and you don't have these tools, whose features can be found here, you won't be able to make use of this option.

Head notably that up to September 30, G Suite customers will have free access to Google Meet's advanced video conferencing features and will be able, for example, to host larger meetings (up to 250 participants), live stream them, and record them. After this date, it will be the customer's G Suite license agreement that determines the availability of these tools. However, meetings that have been recorded will be retained on the owner's Drive drive. To try, for free (until September 30), G Suite Essentials needs to log in here.

There point to keep in mind is that to record a meeting, the G Suite administrator must turn on recording to your account. In addition, in order to record you have to be the organizer of the meeting, belong to the same organization as the person who created the meeting and, in the case of those who make use of this tool in the school field, be a teacher (not a student) and have accessed from the G Suite account.

In addition, it can only be recorded with the Version of Meet for Computers. Mobile app users will be notified when recording starts or stops, but they won't be able to control it.

Here's how to get a video call on Google Meet

On the other hand, you cannot record meetings that have been created on a conference room device (for example, on Meet hardware) or that have been generated by another process, such as an add-on for Chrome, as the company points out on your blog.

how to record

Open Meet as mentioned at the beginning of the note, then press where it says Start or Join Meeting. Once the meeting has already started press on the three points and choose the option "Record the meeting". To finish you have to enter that same menu and choose the "stop" option.

The recording file will be automatically saved in the Organizer's Meet Recordings folder, in My Drive, and an email with the recording link will be sent to the meeting organizer and the person who recorded it.

You have to enter the three points in the bottom margin and then choose the otion "record"

To share that file with other users you have to go where it is hosted, in My Drive, inside Drive, click on the file and choose the "share" option and add the email of the person in question. The other alternative is to download the content and, if it is not so heavy, attach it by mail or upload it to another cloud service and share the access link.


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