I put together a simple page to generate memes with the viral photo of Bernie Sanders: in an hour it became a global success


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On January 20, social networks were entertained both with political conversations about the inauguration of Joe Biden and with the viral meme of Bernie Sanders sitting alone, arms and legs crossed, with a mask and large mittens in shades of brown. In the evening, Nick Sawhney, an artificial intelligence and machine learning graduate student at New York University, had put a page online, Put Bernie Anywhere! (Put Bernie anywhere!) That allowed users to play with the photo and overprint it in any location in the world taken from Google Maps , located in the same lower right sector of the page.

The site grew by the time comments on the platforms of people who laughed out loud at Senator Sanders in the courtyard of his house, in a basketball stadium, at La Scala in Milan. Until suddenly the website itself went viral. Barely an hour online .

"I panicked," Sawhney told Wired . "He had to stop the site from crashing." The page uses Heroku, a cloud platform , to stay, and while Sawhney called for help ("god knows how to scale up") and patience ("it's stabilized") on Twitter , a Heroku employee saw him and a hour later " Sawhney was on a video call with one of the firm's engineers trying to figure out how to keep his ship afloat made in a hurry," said the publication.

"If I had known I was going to have so much traffic I would have taken all decisions otherwise completely, ”he added. “When it exploded I understood that a site is more than just writing the code and putting it online.

The choice of Google Street View occurred to him because normally its application program interface ( API ) shows a relatively stable angle , such which allowed him to whimsically choose a place where Sanders would more or less always fall well. "Sawhney just leveraged the Google Maps API , created a text input field for the queries, and decided where specifically the senator should appear," explained Wired .

He also liked the rusticity of the result: he envisioned a more complicated version of the site that would allow Sanders to move to different points in the same scene or rotate him, but it seemed to him that "the faster the searches, the better the memes. "

During the night of the 20th he received between 22 and 32 service requests per second; Thursday 21 in the afternoon it was already 70 . The site had already cost Sawhney about $ 2,000 by then: More than 750 people sent money to a crowdfunding page , Buy Me a Coffee , to cover it, and Heroku provided free monitoring services to maintain stability. As the code is open , Sawhney has already received offers to tweak it too.

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