Ninu, the smart perfume presented at CES 2021


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Its creators want it to be the first intelligent perfume in the world that, through an app, allows combining fragrances. Despite not having a patent, Ninu Perfume is a device that, synchronized with an app with artificial intelligence, allows you to select between three different fragrances included in the same container.

In this way, Ninu aims to revolutionize the fragrance market and fully personalize the product for users. From the startup they point out that, although great efforts are made to design a premium perfume bottle, using the best of technology, this is really secondary, since the most important thing is the value of the fragrances and effect on each person . In addition, they point out that Ninu is 100% vegan and the fragrances they will offer are free of phthalates, parabens and sulfates. They are formulated to blend.

In the app, the master Pierre will be the algorithm or master perfumer who will guide the user in his fragrance creation. And when the device is running out of perfume, it will notify you. They promise that there will be more than a million different fragrances to choose from, but only 3 can be combined inside the device, which can be applied individually or in combination.

The project was born in Slovenia , inspired by Peter Florjancic, inventor and athlete, one of the greatest Slovenian innovators, who has worked in the world of perfumes for decades. He was responsible for the emergence of the perfume market there for more than 70 years. Thus, he inspired the Ninu team of experts and engineers to this development.

According to the company, 120 billion packaging units are produced each year in the global cosmetic industry, which means 12 billion tons of plastic by 2050 if the trend continues. For this reason, they want their product to be able to grow and help change consumer habits.

Within this style of projects, at CES 2019, the startup sector of the technology fair stood out in the Eureka Park space, a French product called Compoz, a personalized and connected scent “composer”. It was created by the French company Artiris, which received an innovation award that year for the device. They say from the company that it is the first of its kind.

Connects to an app that allows you to create a fragrance by combining essential oils . The aroma composer offers the possibility of housing up to five capsules that will be mixed to provide an ambient aroma.

The cartridges with the essences are inserted into the device, which detects them and can even indicate if any are missing. The product was presented after four years of research and prototypes worked with perfumers in Paris. It integrates wifi and Bluetooth to connect with the application and be able to be controlled remotely. In addition, it is compatible with assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

Scents can be combined and programmed remotely. It is also possible to choose the intensity of the fragrance. The formulas created can be stored and even shared if another user had the device

The diffuser has a copper circle through which the aroma comes out. Towards the end of 2019 they began to sell it to hotel chains, for suites, through some alliances. The initial idea of the startup was, in early 2020, to market it to consumers who want to have it in their home, although this idea was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Its value is between 400 and 800 euros.

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