One in ten gamers was a victim of identity theft


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It is estimated that just over 10% of PC gamers, that is, some 179 million gamers, were victims of identity theft, which represents millions in losses if the value of those accounts is taken into account. is the value of a Steam account calculated, the popular video game platform? The download from Steam is free, what is paid are the games that are downloaded. So the more titles that have been downloaded in a profile, the more valuable it will be. There are third-party websites that can assess the value of the game library using algorithms

According to data from SteamCalculator the value of a Steam account is, on average, $ 1,936 and the average number of games owned by Steam users is 120. Hence, it is estimated that the theft of 179 million accounts would imply losses of USD 347 billion worldwide.

This new research, commissioned by the cybersecurity company, was carried out by the consulting firm Savanta in November 2020 with the aim of analyzing the current state of gamers globally.

According to the 5,031 players surveyed in 17 countries, almost a fifth part (19%) were also the victim of harassment while playing. This trend is more frequent in Russia (44%), Turkey (28%), Saudi Arabia (27%) and the United States (27%).

In addition to bullying or harassment, a third (33%) of the players suffered from cheating players. All these issues generate stress and anxiety in 31% of gamers, as detailed in the report.

How to prevent these

incidents 1. Buy from official sources. You should only buy PC games on popular platforms, such as Steam and GOG, or on official developer sites. Avoid entering unknown stores or downloading through links whose origin is unknown.

2. Always confirm the great discounts. Official stores often offer good discounts or even free games. But many email offers can be scams. That is why it is suggested to go directly to the website of the developers or the store to see if the discount really exists.

3. Check the return policy. Before buying, it is important to find out about the store's return conditions, in case you want to return a game for whatever reason.

4. Use a secure connection. Here you have to take steps to secure the home network by protecting the router with a strong password. It is also advised to use a VPN.

5. Protect accounts. This is true for accounts on Steam or any gaming platform as well as emails or social networks. Use a strong password and activate the second factor of authentication. Avoid using the same password for all accounts because if the password of an account is revealed through a leak and that same combination was used in all profiles, then cybercriminals will have unrestricted access to everything. However, this should not happen if the second factor of authentication was enabled on all accounts.

6. Protect devices. To do this, it is essential to keep the operating system updated on all computers since with each update come corrections and security patches that will protect you from the vulnerabilities found and reported to date. It is also advisable to have a security tool to protect all devices.

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