Polemic over a flaw in Facebook's advertising tools that affected political ads


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A report published on Thursday made it clear that Facebook's advertising tools were causing political campaign ads, even those that adhered to the new rules of the social network, to stop. This generated a storm of criticism from different political sectors who believed that this could negatively affect the dissemination of their presidential campaigns.

Facebook explained on its blog that the blockade occurred due to a technical failure that affected the dissemination of some political ads from both parties (Democrats and Republicans) and clarified that he was investigating the problem. " No ad was stopped or rejected by a person, or due to any partisan consideration ," the company clarified.

It should be remembered that the social network implemented a new measure that prevented the reception of new ads in the system the week before voting, which will take place this November 3.

As part of our efforts to ensure maximum transparency of political advertising, we began to restrict new broadcast and political ads before next week's elections. We gave this step so that all political ads could be searched in our public ad library before Election Day , ”the company explained on its blog.

But political ads were supposed to be allowed if they were within the deadline and following the stipulated guidelines

Facebook said that most of the political ads were not affected but there were some problems that affected n to the campaigns of both political parties. While some were technical issues, others were due to advertisers not understanding the instructions given to them on how and when to make changes to ad targeting.

After the restriction went into effect, on October at 12:01 a.m. M. Pacific Time, technical failures in the ability of our systems to detect that an ad was successfully registered in the Ads Library caused multiple ads from a wide range of advertisers to be stopped incorrectly. and prevented advertisers from making permitted changes to their ads , ”the company explained.

And they added that there were also glitches in some cases because advertisers had made targeting changes shortly before the deadline, which had created new ads that they had to go through pre-approval before the deadline and it was never done.

“We have made changes to address these issues, and most political ads now run smoothly. We continue to monitor closely to make sure all of our fixes are working and that the ads are running as expected long before the election, ”the company said.

It should be noted that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg assured investors that political ads are just a single digit figure of the company's total revenue.

Facebook announced a few weeks ago that it will implement a temporary ban on political ads when the vote ends on November 3. The social network will place a notice at the top of users' news sources to alert them when the polls close and will specify that votes are still being counted if a candidate tries to claim a victory prematurely. Facebook rules also prohibit candidates from declaring victory before official results are counted.

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