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Companion robots, to take care of the home and assist in the care of the elderly. There are several models that were seen at the CES 2021 fair, a space where innovation in all its forms is usually brought together. This year it was not possible to walk the corridors to see these new inventions in action since, as a result of the pandemic, the fair was held in a 100% virtual format.

It was thus that through video presentations the companies made their known latest artificial intelligence products designed to assist at home and in other interaction spaces. Here, a selection of the most interesting robots that were unveiled at CES 2021.

Designed for the development of social skills

Moxie, a robot developed by Embodied, was designed to help children develop social, emotional skills and cognitive skills through daily play-based learning and content developed in partnership with experts in early childhood education.

Embodied brought together a team of experts in child development, engineering, technology, game design and entertainment to bring to life a robot with machine learning technology that enables you to perceive, process, and respond to conversations, as well as eye contact, facial expressions, and other behaviors. It is also capable of recognizing and remembering people, places and things.

To set the table, clean and help with other household tasks

Samsung surprised with its Bot Handy home robot, a model that recognizes, lifts objects, and that it is intended to help with other tasks as well. Powered by artificial intelligence, it is able to differentiate between a glass tumbler and a ceramic plate, for example, and respond to the user when they ask about it. This way you can do activities such as storing food or setting the table.

This new proposal adds to the latest version of Bot Care, a robot that the company presented for the first time in 2019. It is capable of recognizing and understanding user behaviors in order to become a companion within the home.

This area also highlights the JetBot90 AI + smart vacuum cleaner, which uses object recognition technology to identify elements and decide how to move to clean the house without stumbling. In addition, it uses LiDAR and 3D sensors to avoid cables and small objects and is capable of removing dirt even from corners. On the other hand, the vacuum cleaner works as a security camera since the user can monitor what happens in the home when he is not through the SmartThings application.

A pet with a particular design

Moflin is a pet with artificial intelligence but whose form does not specifically seek to emulate any pet. It is not shaped like a cat or dog, but is simply a small, elongated lump with warm, solid fur. It emits sounds and moves but has a particular aesthetic since it looks like a small elongated cushion.

According to its creators it integrates sensors and is based on an algorithm developed specifically for Moflin to learn and take on new characteristics from interaction with the user and environment.

To disinfect


LG unveiled an autonomous robot designed to disinfect public spaces, as well as home and office environments using ultraviolet light (UV-C). It is capable of sanitizing all surfaces in a room in about 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the size and with just one battery charge.

It was not the only device designed to clean surfaces. Ubtech also presented Adibot, a disinfection robot based on the same technology. It comes in two versions: Adibot-S, which has to be moved manually from one site to another, and the Adibot-A, which is autonomous and integrates a Lidar sensor.

The robot has eight lamps that emit light in all directions. Adibot integrates an RGB camera in the front and motion sensors along the upper edge, with the aim of detecting if a person enters the room while it is working.

A companion robot

Cutii is a mobile robot with a screen which was present at the CES 2021 fair. It is designed so that users can participate in remote activities (games, gymnastics classes, etc.) and talk with their loved ones by videoconference, accessing by voice command. It also integrates game options and other entertainment activities

It can be upgraded remotely and equipped with assistance or security features, so that the user is alerted in the event of a problem. The firm deployed its robots in France in 2020 in some thirty nursing homes. The Cutii were intended for sale to individuals, but the confinement changed plans.

Source: Infobae

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