Theft of Instagram accounts: messages that threaten to close the profile if it is not "answered within 24 hours"


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You often hear about cases of theft or hijacking of Instagram accounts. It is a more common type of cybercrime than is believed. It is also true that although attempts abound; from there to the fact that the fact is achieved depends, to a large extent, on the precautions taken by the user. And especially of how alert you are to the deception strategies that circulate on the network.

It is possible that at some point you have received a direct message to your Instagram account from an alleged Instagram or Facebook support account, where you are told that your account violated a regulation in relation to copyright or some other matter .

It is explained to you that you need to respond to that message, by clicking on a link that is added to the text, in order to preserve your profile. It is clarified that you must respond within 24 hours, otherwise your account will be deleted forever. At the bottom is signed with a name, position within the social network and the Instagram / Facebook address with the copyright logo to make everything much more credible.

The messages can vary: sometimes it can indicate that there is a problem with copyright, as well as in other cases it can be said that it is necessary to update some data or accept a new term or condition. The truth is that they all have some aspects in common: a link is usually attached; It is written by someone posing as Instagram staff and they are urgent. They always give a short deadline to carry out the alleged action otherwise, "the end of the account" will be imminent.

These are cases of phishing or identity theft, because the cybercriminal is posing as a member of the social network . The modus operandi consists in convincing the user to click on a link that will probably redirect them to a fake page that emulates the aesthetics of Instagram where they are asked to log in. In this way the criminals obtain the password.

What does he do once he steals the account? Different things can happen: on the one hand they can ask for a ransom to be paid to regain access; in other cases, it is kidnapped and used under a different name. This is usually done when it comes to accounts with a certain popularity. It is a way to access a large number of followers. In some cases, accounts are even sold on the black market that lives within the dark web.

Now, what can we do to guard against this type of deception? To start doubting these types of messages. If Instagram has any new notifications for your profile, you can see them by entering Settings / Security / Emails from Instagram. This section contains the emails related to security and login that Instagram sent you in the last 14 days.

How to protect the

account Use a strong password that includes a combination of letters, numbers and characters. Do not use the same password for all accounts and change them frequently

Enable two-step authentication. If this option is enabled, even when they access your password, they will not be able to enter your account because they will be asked for this authentication factor, which is a second code that can be received, for example, by SMS or through an authentication app.

To activate this option, you must go to Configuration / Security / Two-step authentication

Make sure that your email account linked to the profile also has a secure password and the second factor of authentication is activated.

Close the Instagram session when not you're using it. Especially if you use it on computers or other shared use equipment.

Be careful with third-party apps that are granted permissions on this social network.

If you receive a deception message like the one mentioned above, report it by pressing the "Report" button that appears in the footer.

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