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This tool allows you to choose who responds to your tweets.

Twitter offers an option that allows you to limit who can respond to your tweets. The tool can be accessed from the compose window of a tweet. There you have to press where it says "Anyone can answer" and three options will appear: 1) All, which is the standard configuration so far; 2) People you follow and 3) Only the people you mention.

It should be noted that when you choose to enable option 2 or 3, users will be able to see a legend below the tweet specifying that this change was made and that the answer option is therefore limited. On the other hand, even if this answer option is limited, all users will still be able to retwite that tweet with or without comment if they wish.

That is, the tool only works as a limit to receive answers but not for the possibility of retuit of the content.

How other ways you can take care of exposure on Twitter

As a first step, if you want to limit user interaction on Twitter, you can choose to set your account to be private rather than public.

Another tool that is available on this social network is the possibility to mute or block users. For this you have to press the arrow next to the tweet of the user who wants to mute or block and choose the desired option.

Phrases or words can be muted

Words can also be muted. When this option is enabled, those words will no longer be seen in the timeline and notifications. To make use of this tool you have to click on your profile picture, then go to Settings and Privacy/Privacy and Security/Silenced Words.

Once there you have to press on the plus sign (+) and enter the words or phrases you want to mute.

More context for identifying direct messages from strangers

Twitter e also introduced a new feature for your direct messages. This tool provides, to those who receive a Direct Message from someone unknown, additional data, such as the connection between the two people on the social network, as published Portaltic.

When you click on the request and access the message, Twitter's novelty also displays the account data that sent the direct message: the name, description, number of followers, and the profile start date.

As was therefore the only thing, users can accept, reject, or report requests they receive through Direct Messages. This feature will be available from this Thursday to all Twitter users, as confirmed by the US company.


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