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The verification of Twitter accounts will be restored next year under a new approach , which the company hopes to complete based on user participation, and which will also establish the criteria by which an account may lose its blue badge .

The social network shared its plans to relaunch the account verification system in early 2021, which will be accompanied by a new application process and a new policy, as stated on its official blog.

This new policy, the company explains, "It will define what verification means, who is eligible for verification, and why some accounts might lose verification." And it begins by clarifying what it means for an account to be "notable."

In this sense, it points out that the proposed policy indicates "that the blue verification badge allows people to know that a public interest account is authentic", and subordinates its award for the account to be "notable and active."

It also establishes six types of candidate accounts: government, entertainment; from companies, brands and non-profit organizations; of news; sports; and from activists, organizations and other influential individuals. However, the draft of the new policy includes criteria that will allow the blue badge to be removed from an account, for example, in the event that it is inactive or the profile has not been completed, or that it has repeatedly violated the rules of the platform.

Some accounts currently verified "should not be", they acknowledge from Twitter, and for this reason, the company has announced that it will "automatically begin to remove the badges" from accounts that do not meet the criteria.

The company has prepared a questionnaire to receive user feedback on the new draft, which will help establish the new verification policies to be implemented next year

Account verification gives a profile a blue mark indicating that this account is of interest However, the system used by the company generated controversy when, in 2017, it was discovered that it had conceded the public and that the person who manages it is who they say they are.

The brand has gone to Jason Kessler , organizer of the Charlottesville supremacist march in the United States, which ended in the death of one person

Suggested topics in the

timeline The social network Twitter also announced that it added a new function in its platform with which users will be able to view tweets on suggested topics on their timeline or timeline

In early November 2019, Twitter launched the Topics function, which allows users to follow conversations on topics that interest them in the same way who follow other users on the social network

Now, a year later, the company added a new feature with which users will see new tweets on suggested topics on their Home screen timeline, which they will be able to follow. simple or inform Twitter that they are not interested.

This new tool comes after Twitter announced that it will extend its warning about content considered controversial to attempts by users to like those tweets that the platform detects violate policies on disinformation.

Also, recently, Twitter introduced the Fleets function , which allows you to post temporary 'tweets' that are deleted after 24 hours, a format quite similar to Instagram Stories

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