"Wear a mask. Save lives": Google promotes COVID-19 prevention with its doodle


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More than eight months after the primine COVID-19 contagions were detected in China and they began to disperse around the world, Google launched a doodle this 5 August with which they seek to enephasize the importance of the use of face masks and other prevention measures to prevent the spread of the disease that has already infected more than 18 million people.

The animation shows the letters to conform to the word Google, as is commonly seen in the search engine, however, later thes come out legs and the one turns to put on their respective cover. In addition, they move away from each other in order to maintain a healthy distance. The idea of this doodle is based on the premise "Wear mask. Save lives .

By clicking the direct link of the media resource available in almost all America, Europe, Oceany and much of Aphrica and Asia, users can see a sty of recommendations to mitigate contagion of the disease, such as constant -hand washing, safe distance and the use of masks.

Also, upon entering the page of the World Health Organization (WHO) communiced by Google, it is possible to find otrose useful advice regarding the use of masks, such as that it must cover mouth, nose and chin, wash your hands before and after use and wash it with soap, detergent and hot water once a day if it is cloth.

Here are some of the recommendations on the use of WHO masks. (Photo: WHO)

Other recommendations in this regard are to cubrise the mouth and nose with a handkerchief when coughing or sneezing or using the inside of the elbow. If you have opted for the first option, it will be necessary to sy throw the used tissues.

Google also displays the most common sytomas, such as failing, dry cough, tiredness; less common, such as sothlor, diarrhea, loss of sense of smell or taste, among others; as well as the most serious ones, including difice to breathe, chest pain or pressure, and the inability to speak or move.

In the case of having stomas and a good general health, it is advisable to confined at home with all the measures of estrangement so as not to infect more family members. If stomas are severe, it's conducive to seeking immediate medical attention.

Regarding treatments, Google's website endorsed by the international health agency recommends spoiling, drinking plenty of liquid and eating nutritious foods, as well as usutilize an exclusive bathroom and refecting frequently the surfaces you have contact with.

(Photo: Bryan Woolston/Reuters)

So far, 18,585,774 cases of COVID-19 have been detected worldwide. The nation with the most positive records is United States, with 4,775,621, followed by Brasil, with 2,801,921. and third the India, with 1,908,254.

With regard to , the first countries remain the same, with 156,906 and 95,819, respectively. However, mexico is thirteenth, with 48,869 deaths from this disease.

It should be noted that measures to prevent coronavirus contagions could also be significative for a rare crippling disease which has affected children in the United States over the past decade, scientists from that nation have noted.

Specialists said that manage use of masks, school closures and other measures implemented to curb COVID-19 could also obstaculating the spread of the virus that is believed to cause crippling disease, which has been developed in hundred children since 2014.


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