What are and how will the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp affect?


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As they have pointed out in social networks, as of next February 8 of this year the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp will come into force , as has been informed to its users this day in Mexico.

However, it is necessary that netizens accept these conditions in order to continue using the application regularly.

According to the notice, the key WhatsApp updates will collect more information about the following:

- "The WhatsApp service and how we treat your data" .

- "How companies can use Facebook's hosted services to store and manage their WhatsApp chats ”.

-“ How we partner with Facebook to offer integrations in Facebook companies products ”.

According to what was announced in the notice, After February 8, users must accept the updates to continue using the messaging service.

What do these updates mean?

In other words, the terms and conditions indicate that from now on WhastApp will share the user's personal information with Facebook and other services managed by Mark Zuckerberg.

In fact, the updates coincide with the new labels that the App Store has placed on the WhatsApp application, warning that the service collects contacts, commercial data when using Facebook, and even the IP or geographical address of the user.

“Although Don't use our location-related options, we use the IP address and other information, such as area codes for phone numbers, to estimate your general location (for example, city and country). We also use your location information for diagnostic and problem-solving purposes, ”says the privacy file.

In addition, it states that it will not only collect information from the main user, but also from their contacts or third parties . It indicates that they will be gathered when the other netizens have interaction with the main user, such as conversations in groups, reports or by the service providers of other companies other than Facebook.

In their conditions they indicate that the collection of information is intended to " operate and provide their services, such as technical support, complete purchases or transactions, improve, correct and personalize our Services, as well as connect them with the products of Facebook companies ".

It also indicates that it will use the information to" understand how they are used our services ”, to evaluate and improve them, conducting research, as well as developing new services and functions or carrying out activities to solve application problems.

In summary, the data that WhatsApp will share with your Facebook companies are:

- Account registration information, such as phone number

- Transaction data

- Infor Service-related information

- Information about how the user interacts with others, including companies

- Information about the mobile device (battery charge, Internet service provider, signal strength, hardware model, operating system ...)

- I

P Address By accepting the new terms and conditions, the user will allow the application or the Mark Zuckerberg companies to have almost full access to their activities , which range from text messages, contacts, purchases and interactions with However, it is a measure to which everyone will be conditioned to accept if they wish to continue using the service, or otherwise they must start using alternative services such as Telegram or Line , being vulnerable by not having privacy before the multinational corporation. .

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