What Elon Musk is looking for when hiring talent for Tesla and SpaceX


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Elon Musk is the richest man in the world , the technology visionary who founded Tesla and SpaceX , but he sees himself for what he originally wanted to be: an engineer who solves problems . That is what he wrote, when migration forms still existed, when traveling: “Engineer”, never “CEO”, recalled his first wife, Justine Musk .

Their companies are a projection of that very thing: they aspire to solve some of the most difficult problems of the contemporary world , such as energy sources. That's why Musk hires talents similar to yours, smart and capable people who stand out among problem solving engineers. PPH How do you distinguish them? Musk recently shared a clue , Justin Bariso noted in a note to Inc. “We are looking for star engineers for Giga Berlin!” He wrote on Twitter in early November as Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg , the automaker's European plant, which will start operating in July 2021 , was progressing with its construction. “ Personal interviews tomorrow, on the spot. Send resume to 25Guns@Tesla.com ”.

Along with that open invitation, Musk included a particular request :“ When submitting your resume, please describe some of the most difficult problems you solved and exactly how you solved them.

While at first glance the application seems like a common job interview question, Bariso analyzed it in detail to discover that it is not, and that it contains the key to what Musk looks for when looking for talent for Tesla and SpaceX .


asks for it in writing "When you send your resume", the tweet began: the employer wants to read the resume of the candidates , and specifically examples of the problems they solved , before the interview.

"This is a key request" , interpreted Inc. “In today's work environment, writing skills are more vital than ever. Engineers (and the rest of the world) need to be able to communicate their ideas not just through illustrations and presentations but, more importantly, via email, Slack and other instant messaging platforms.

Sitting down to write something is a significant opportunity for some candidates who do not respond well to the pressure of the job interview: introverts and the highly reflective, for example, may have time to think and remember

2. Wants examples, plural

Musk asked candidates to describe “some of the problems ” that were difficult for them throughout their career and that they successfully solved. “Smart minds can solve one or two difficult problems. But the smartest ones actually look for difficult-to-solve problems , which gives them a wealth of examples, ”Bariso analyzed.

The mere inclusion of a plural is Musk's way of setting the bar very high. Tesla looks for the brightest candidates, those who can show a pattern of solving difficult problems .

3. Use

superlatives The tweet not only asks for the description of various problems, but specifically "some of the most difficult problems ." When the shortlist of candidates has already separated a handful of CVs, it becomes more difficult to differentiate them: they are all of excellent level . One way to distinguish them is to "look at the types of problems they have already solved and their level of complexity, " said Inc.

4. You are interested in the

process Finally, in addition to the description of several of the most difficult problems you have solved the candidate, the tweet asked for a precise detail: "exactly how you solved them," Musk wrote. Because, like the engineer who remains in his own eyes, he is not only interested in the solution but in the process that led to it . "Musk and Tesla want to see how a potential employee thinks," the text synthesized.

Many large companies use a similar technique: Tech, for example, may ask a candidate to write live code to solve a problem; management consultants can raise a case and ask the interviewee to explain step by step what they would do. “But I like Musk's technique even more,” wrote Bariso.

Developed: “By asking applicants to give examples of the most difficult problems they solved and the processes they used to do so, Tesla gains insight into many areas of interests , including the candidate's motivation , their ability to identify unique underlying problems and their root causes, their reasons for focusing on specific areas of them, and their individual strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. ”

This, Inc. concluded. - reveals how Tesla can assess whether the candidate's troubleshooting methods would potentially work in the company , and whether the person's experience and other characteristics are appropriate for their corporate culture

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