WhatsApp has a new design that makes it easy to search for files in chats


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WhatsApp added a new advanced search tool

WhatsApp sumed a new advanced search tool that allows you to find files such as photos, videos, documents, audios or GIFs that you have shared by the messaging service. This option, which was already available for iOS, now has reached the latest android beta.

In what is the new advanced search feature

Advanced search on WhatsApp

Now when you press on the search magnifying glass, a menu of options is displayed with the different types of files that can be tracked in conversations. So, for example, if you press on the "videos" icon you will see that the system will track all the clips shared by WhatsApp. The result will bring a list of all the clips you shared in the different chats.

How to get the latest version with this feature

This new redesign is available in Android version To update to the latest version available for your android mobile, you have to go to Google Play Store, search for WhatsApp and press the "update" key . If you don't see this option and you only see "open" it means that you already have the latest updated version available for your device.

Re note that this tool is available only for beta testers of the application. Those who are part of this collective receive updates before the rest. However, they are the preliminary versions and as such can include bugs. The rest of the users (those who are not beta testers), will receive the news also but only when the tests have been completed and the final version is already available, free of errors. Currently there is no longer room to register as a beta tester. The step to do it was simply by entering in this link, but as you can see, today it is no longer possible to join.

On the other hand, it should be noted that even if you are beta tester and have the latest version installed you may not see this new feature yet because it is a gradual landing: it gradually reaches users. But if you don't have advanced search today, you may receive it in the next few days.

Thing out of it: a new tool to free up space

WhatsApp is working on a new tool to facilitate space management, according to WABeta Info, a site specialized in reporting news about the platform. A progress bar will be added that will allow you to visualize how much space the different elements that are shared through the app such as photos, videos, stickers and documents occupy.

In turn, the app will offer suggestions to free up space on your computer. In this sense, it will highlight which are the heaviest chats or the files that are taking up a lot of place and have already been forwarded. The new interface will facilitate the form in which the information is displayed.

This is what the new storage management tool will look like on WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)

However, it should be noted that there is already a tool to be able to manage storage. To access it you have to press on the three dots in the upper right margin of WhatsApp then go to Justies/Data and Storage/Storage and by clicking there you can see the space consumed by each of the chats. Also from there you can delete the shared material in the conversations that take up the most place.

Within Storage, in the Settings menu you can see where the different chats consume.


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