WhatsApp searches the internet to check the information of forwarded messages


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WhatsApp added a new feature to combat misinformation.

The messaging app WhatsApp introduced a new feature to prevent misinformation. It is a tool for users to check the veracity of the messages "highly forwarded" (identified with double date) that they receive.

The platform will place a button with a magnifying glass next to those messages. When you click on that magnifying glass, the application will ask the user if they want to search the web for the content of the message to see what information circulates about it so that they can check whether it is true or not. O will at least be a way to have more tools to verify veracity.

Thus, WhatsApp will upload the content of the message directly to the browser to search for it on the internet, without the user having to copy it. The platform clarified that it does not access the content of the chat. These searches are intended to "help people find news results or other sources of information from received content," the company said.

The new search feature will start to be available from this Monday in Brasil, Spain, United States, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and the United Kingdom. It will be available to those using the latest versions of WhatsApp on Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web.

Ther measures to combat misinformation

Highly forwarded messages, which are double-arrowed can only be forwarded once per chat (REUTERS/Ruvi Dado)

Fully forwarded messages are marked a two-arrow icon. This allows users to identify when a received message was not written by one of their close contacts. In addition, in order to maintain privacy on WhatsApp, a early this year limits were set on forwarding of those highly viral messages: can only be forwarded to one chat at a time.

At that time, the platform reported that since limits were set on message forwarding to restrict viralization noted that forwarded messages decreased by 25% globally.

Sym you in group video calls

Within WhatsApp you can make videocalls of up to eight participants at once, or up to 50 if linked to Messenger, Facebook.

Now, within the built-in video calls, if you want to focus attention on one of the eight particular users, just keep your finger pressed on the video to maximize it as a full screen. A video icon was also added in group chats of eight participants or less, so you can easily start a video call with a single tap.

Silenciar chats forever

Currently, if you want to mute notifications in a WhatsApp chat, three options are offered: 8 hours, 1 week and one year. But soon an alternative would be added to be able to silence "forever" conversations .

WhatsApp is planning, with update, to replace the 1-year option with "Always" , to mute notifications of chats and groups, as mentioned by the WaBetaInfo site, which specializes in making awareness of what's new this messaging service will incorporate.

It should be noted that this feature is in development, which means that WhatsApp is working to develop and improve it before launch. It is not known soon when it will reach users.


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