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Custom wallpapers for each WhatsApp chat have arrived . This option, which was available a few days ago for Android beta users, is now available to everyone. This tool allows you to make your chats look personal and different.

Until now, it was possible to modify the aesthetics of the chat but in bulk, that is, for all conversations equally. Instead now, you can choose a particular background for each dialog.

How to configure the personalized wallpaper:

Enter a chat, click on the three dots in the upper margin and choose Wallpaper. Then press where it says "Change" and a menu of options will be displayed grouped by different criteria: Light, Dark, Solid Colors, My photos and Default wallpaper.

Once the different alternatives have been explored, the desired option is selected by clicking on the legend: "Set wallpaper" . Once this is done, two alternatives will appear: one indicates the option to choose that background for the chat in question and the other for all chats with the dark theme except those with personalized backgrounds. DPI Afterwards you will be offered the option to adjust the brightness of the wallpaper. In case you want to modify the selected image again, then you have to press the three dots again, then Wallpaper and select Remove custom wallpaper.

On the other hand, there are more options for the default wallpaper available in different colors . “Now you can set a separate dark mode wallpaper for a better chat experience. Observe the automatic transition of the wallpaper of your chat as the configuration of your phone's device changes from light to dark mode ”, it is mentioned in the official statement released.

Improvement in the

sticker search engine Now you can search and more easily find stickers with text or emoji, and browse similar categories. “ As we begin to implement this, we encourage sticker creators to tag them with emojis and text, so that WhatsApp users can more easily search for them,” the company highlights.

New animated sticker package from WHO

The sticker pack “Together at Home” from the World Health Organization is now available in its animated version. "Together at Home" has been one of the sticker packages most popular on WhatsApp and now they will be even more expressive and useful.

The "Together at Home" sticker pack is available on WhatsApp, including localized text in 9 languages: Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish. Animated stickers are recognized because they have a "Play" sign next to the name and several different packages can be added.

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