WhatsApp video calls and voice calls have arrived for PC


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Video calls arrive on WhatsApp, in Beta and gradually (WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp launched a Beta for some users of its desktop version for Windows 10 that will allow making video calls and voice calls. The platform has been working on this function for approximately two years.

This service for WhatsApp Web will arrive gradually, and can be downloaded from the official site or Microsoft Store. It will allow you to make voice and video calls, always with the cell phone connected to the computer.

In recent days, some users have been able to use this new function, where the call button appears in the chat on WhatsApp Web. When a user receives a call of this type, a separate window will be displayed where they can accept or reject it.

Some users who have version 2.2100.7 of WhatsApp Web for Windows 10 can now use the new function

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The messaging service is also working on a version to use one account on multiple devices. Thus, It would allow using a WhatsApp account on several computers at the same time , without requiring an active internet connection on the main device.

The arrival of this function has been anticipated for a long time, but the real news is that the company has already started working on the option to offer the Beta for WhatsApp web so that some users can start using it. The feature is not available yet, but they did preview a preview and information.

When WhatsApp is ready to offer a WhatsApp public beta web, in WhatsApp Web / Desktop settings (in WhatsApp for Android), there will be a new option to join to Beta.


privacy policies On January 15, WhatsApp announced that it postponed for three months the implementation of the changes announced in its privacy policy, after strong criticism arose against what was interpreted as a violation of personal data of users, which the company sees as a confusion that it hopes to clear up over time.

"We are postponing the date that people will be asked to review and accept the new terms, " Facebook-owned WhatsApp said in a post. on its blog.

The new service standards were scheduled to go into effect on February 8, but now the company aspires to be able to do so on May 15 after u A review of the change and a gradual information campaign for users.

After the publication in recent days of the modifications in the WhatsApp service use agreement, many people interpreted that it consisted of the exchange of personal data, including messages and contacts, between the messaging app and Facebook.

This caused the migration of millions of users from WhatsApp to competitors such as Telegram or Signal, in search of greater protection of their information.

In the following days WhatsApp tried to explain that neither the app nor Facebook will be able to see private messages or listen to calls, nor share locations or contacts, among other issues.

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