Yahoo continues its debacle with Yahoo Answers shutdown on May 4


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The forums website Yahoo Answers (Yahoo Answers, in English), popular for hosting questions and answers from Internet users, has announced its final closure after 16 years of existence, which will take place from next May 4. The platform had been in operation since 2005, when it was created by then- Internet giant Yahoo! (now owned by Verizon) , and had become one of the most popular question and answer portals in its first years of existence.

Now, the Yahoo Answers homepage has started showing its users a message in which They warn of the end of the service, which will be final on May 4 in eastern time of the United States.

Close Yahoo Answers

However, the functions of the page will be reduced before its closure and from next April 20 it will not be Possible to publish new questions or answers, and the service will remain only in read mode.

In a question and answer document, Yahoo Answers has explained that its users will be able to download all its contents - list of questions, questions, list of answers, answers and any image - for a limited time, until June 30. This process can take up to 30 days.

Likewise, the American company has explained that the closure of its forum will not entail changes for the user accounts of Yahoo or any other of its services, and has instead recommended its users to use search engines as your own

The company was born 25 years ago. It dominated the market when even the use of the Internet was not widespread. A premature success of a multinational that is too visionary and incapable of redirecting an infinity of strategic errors. "It was the great reference, the Google of the time, no matter how much it was a content directory rather than a search engine itself," explains Nacho Somalo, CEO of Lonesome Digital. Its workers, known as surfers , collected by hand the content published on the Web. It was precisely Google that drove more than one nail into Yahoo's coffin. Since in 2002 about 1 billion dollars separated Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google, from selling the company to the moment when the all-powerful Yahoo! redirects queries that are not indexed to your website . “Yang and Filo pioneered the idea of a technology concept, but they forgot to develop their product. This weakened its business model, ”argues María Teresa Ballestar, a researcher at ESIC.

It emerged almost unscathed from the great dotcom crisis at the beginning of the century, which halted the growth of the sector and punctured the bubble created around the web . But the end of the days of wine and roses, as his relationship with Google proved, was vanity in the face of competitors. In 2006 he tried to buy Facebook for a ridiculous price and, two years later, he refused to sell the company to Microsoft, already in low hours, for 44.6 billion dollars. “Their mistake was thinking that they were the best, that they didn't have to look out. You would not search a search engine other than number one; and Google ended up being it. On the Internet it is only worth being the best ”, ditch Somalo.

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