Horizon: Forbidden West, Far Cry 6, & Battlefield 2042 - Gaming News Roundup for 5/27- 6/9

IGN 2 weeks ago

How To Upgrade To Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade On PS5

Kotaku 2 weeks ago

How long is ff7 intermission?

According to a report on TheGamer, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode Intermission can be completed in four to five hours if you aren't interested in side content it has to offer. IGN IndiaHow Long to Beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode Intermission Yuffie DLC?

How long is episode yuffie?

The DLC consists of two chapters, and in the base game of FF7 Remake, each chapter usually took around two hours to complete. Early reports from players put Yuffie's DLC at three to four hours to complete, without engaging in any of the side content, mini-games, and more. Screen RantFinal Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: How Long Yuffie's DLC Is

iOS 15: Here’s everything new in FaceTime

9to5Mac 2 weeks ago

How do I get IOS 15?

Apple's iOS 15 comes to iPhones this fall, and it includes a lot of fun new FaceTime, iMessage, Safari, Wallet and privacy updates. You'll be able to watch Disney+ with friends over FaceTime, for example. CNBCHere are the most important new changes coming to your iPhone this fall

When is IOS 15 available?

When will iOS 15 be released? iOS 15 was announced and demonstrated during the opening keynote presentation of Apple's WWDC 2021 event tonight (7 June). It will be released to the public in the autumn - probably September 2021, to coincide with the new iPhone models. Macworld UKComplete guide to iOS 15's new iPhone features

Is Facetime coming to Android?

Technically yes, Android and Windows users will finally be able to join FaceTime calls and it's a big move by a company famously known for having tight control over its platforms. ... That requires an Apple device and Apple account, plus, they can only join a call when invited via a link by an Apple user. The Indian ExpressApple’s FaceTime is coming to Android, but there’s a catch

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