Cyberpunk Game The Ascent Might Be Blowing Up, But Multiplayer's Busted

Kotaku 13 hours ago

How long is the ascent game?

How Long Does it Take to Beat The Ascent. Depending on how quickly a player blazes through The Ascent, and or if they do so with a team thanks to co-op mode, The Ascent can be completed in about 9-14 hours. There are 12 main missions in the game. Each mission's length can vary, but on average they take around an hour. Game RantThe Ascent: How Long to Beat | Game Rant

The shadow of the chip shortage is looming over tech’s big quarter

The Verge 14 hours ago

Google will abandon Qualcomm and build its own smartphone processors this year

CNBC 15 hours ago

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro phones announced with custom Tensor chips

The Verge 16 hours ago

My dad is recovering from covid. We're not financially stable. Today he broke down crying to me. First time I saw in my lifetime. I assured him everything is going to be fine and I'm taking responsibility to the household. I've been crying like a b*tch for an hour. Fck covid.

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